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Otherwise, the Spiritualities of Prophecy

Otherwise, the Spiritualities of Prophecy

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Pregnant or pregnant? One thing is certain: another state. In addition to the physical changes that are becoming more and more bodily, there are also intense mental changes that have received less attention in their transition. Are you looking for a spontaneous parent or do you need spiritual work?

Pregnant or pregnant?

Spontaneous birth choice?

In Hungary, after the marriage, the first child is usually born after another year. The period of the first child's death coincides with the time of the marriage of the couple, the living conditions, and the efforts to create one's existence. preparing something for birth However, spiritual aspects are not at the center of attention either by the expectation of the child or by professionals.Required medical examinations, megvбsбrlбsбra the szьlйst segнtх sewn megtanulбsбra lйgzх practices, but pszichйs felkйszьlйs legtцbbszцr elmarad.A kцzelmъltban, elmъlt йvszбzadokban mйg had a great csalбdok the generбciуk egyьtt йltek, which mintбul, kapaszkodуul could szolgбlni vбrу pбroknak the child when they were kйrdйseik. The women, by narrating their experiences, presenting their experiences as models, prepared the little mother for the events and tasks she had before; there was almost always a small child in the family who was seen to breastfeed, diaper, or anesthetize. This is rarely given today, so many prospective parents may feel a certain degree of emotional uncertainty as to whether or not a mother / father will be able to be.

A new life is taking shape

When a couple decides to have children, a new phase unfolds in their lives. However, couples react very differently to the shift, the period of change in the color of the blood, when it becomes more and more visible and visible that a new life becomes an integral part of the family. They live the same way as before. The other thing is: a "várrandуs pбr"who are completely occupied with every moment of fetal development, they are almost obsessive about living healthy and doing everything they need to give birth, putting music on the fetus, and saying more and more. Growing fetuses have a realistic mind, time to time to hear their heart shape, and slowly make the baby know what to look for. ignoring its results just so "over" it for the next nine months, but each couple has to create an ideal start-up time for them. Many couples will find the balance and realize that the beautiful, baby-friendly furnishings must create space for their newborn babies.

Ice cream with sour cucumber

Some pregnancies go smoothly, there are some that do not. One thing is certain: Prubbra makes the connection. Pregnant women are known to have the most intense desires, and they are virtually unlimited. Some of these females indicate hormonal changes in the body. These desires can be very strong, and if a man is reluctant to go out and get the thing he wants, he may soon find that a prospective father is not enough. However, men also have their for sex. As the fetus grows, some males will become very sensitive and possibly shy, and will rise to a greater need for the prospective mother. If women prefer to avoid sexual intercourse, it is easy to argue that "a child is more important than her". most quails are half-heartedthat his wife is emotionally busy during pregnancy, and that she is tired of having less sexual interest in her wife. They may "understand" the problems of women in pregnancy, but they feel neglected at heart, and are generally incapable of speaking a little about their anger. And this is nothing more than what you expect after childbirth. Pregnancy can be a time full of hardships, as new needs aren't created or old.

Mother-fetus doubles

Although pregnancy is a natural and hopeful event, it kills most women with fewer served states of mind, which is also accompanied by a degree of anxiety. This is especially true for first-time women who are also uncertain of the fear of the unknown. Most often they are concerned with pain, childbirth complications, and physical or mental damage to the child. From a psychological point of view, pregnancy is a krнzisszituбciуbecause they must not only accept acceptance of bodily change but also process the altered state of mind. After pregnancy or childbirth, hidden conflicts in the female person may arise or new conflicts may arise. bodily changes her appreciation, body image changes, her whole being subordinated to pregnancy. Your relationship system is rearranged. Your relationship with your boyfriend, with whom you have to prepare for your new role, your parenting role, changes. His relationship with his own mother is also rearranged, shifting from a child role to an equal "partner". Your relationship to yourself and your own image of femininity change. With these and the trimester changes, the need for weakness and safety is strengthened, and other needs have been addressed.

And the future Apostle?

Significant psychological changes occur in the male during pregnancy. Men are also re-evaluating their relationship with their superiors, their parents, and their brothers and sisters. These changes result in an adaptation to fatherhood, the development of a fatherly role.If this adaptation is not interrupted, failure to adequately resolve this "crisis" may result in negative feelings for the child, spouse relationship too. That is why the father's relationship with the child must begin in some way during the pregnancy. That is why it is very important that the father does not feel excluded from this process, but that he / she can prepare for his / her parenting role with his / her wife. dangers can be avoided. (This does not mean that it is "obligatory" father's birth, each couple has to make their own decision!) With the radical transformation of the family's everyday life, if the hatchet does not take part in the child's upbringing, care, mцgцtt; Thus, the child is distracted by the onset marital harmony.It is important that prospective parents make sure that the relationship with the fetus is created by the father, so that they can, together, be part of the miracle we call childbearing.Related articles:
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