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The probiotic is effective against childhood eczema

The probiotic is effective against childhood eczema

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Pregnant women and infants have probiotic protection against eczema in their childhood, says New Zealand researchers.

The probiotic is effective against childhood eczemaA study was launched in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand in 2004 to test whether a probiotic can prevent childhood eczema. A total of 500 pregnant women were studied in three groups: the first received the second two probiotics during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and gave the child up to two years of age, and the third did not take probiotics. The children were re-examined at two, six and eleven years of age. Those who have taken Lactobacillus rhamnosus probioicum have less frequent asthma, insensitivity, syndrome, allergies. Eczema occurs most frequently in children under two years of age, with a prevalence of 30 percent among children in New Zealand.Related articles in Eczema:
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