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Therefore, do not cover the stroller when the sun shines

Therefore, do not cover the stroller when the sun shines

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Do you always cover your stroller with a textile blanket or a light blanket when it's sunny? Do not do it! We know you want to protect your baby from the sun's rays, but that's not the way it is!

Don't cover the stroller! (Stock photo)

A thin sheet or textile pellet can drastically increase the air temperature inside the stroller, which can lead to death, according to DailyMail. Covering the stroller, blocking the air passage, reducing the airflow and boiling the indoor air. According to the latest Swedish research it can be up to 15 (!) degrees warmer in a covered stroller left in the sunlike the one that wasn't covered. The airflow is down, the temperature inside the stroller increases, just like in a thermos. Also, if you cover the stroller, you can't even see the baby, who can be caught by hot temperatures as if she were in her womb again and again it may stop flaming So what do you do to protect your baby from the heat of the sun and the heat of the day? Very simple. Specialists recommend that you spend the day between 11 and 17 hours when you have a young child. Stay home or always look for a shady spot when you're out in the open. If you know it is inevitable that some sunshine will be on your baby's sensitive skin, make sure you use a suitable waxing cream.They may also be interested in:
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