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Doctor answers - Ask Dr. Boglárkaka Lengyel for a pediatrician!

Doctor answers - Ask Dr. Boglárkaka Lengyel for a pediatrician!

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Sыrыn nбthбs the kid what to do? How can you recognize croup cough? If you have similar questions in your mind and you can't ask who else, here's the chance. Pediatrician Dr. Boglárka Lengyel is waiting for the inquiries.

Boglárka's Polish profile:
In 1988 I graduated from the SOTE General Medical School.
In 1993, I was specialized in infant and pediatric medicine.
In 2000, I received an international degree in homeopathy from the French CEDH Educational Organization.
I worked in a children's class at St. Panthaleon Kurzhaz of Danube-Yvivos and with Ferenc Khorrzhaz of Kistarcsa. At the National Institute of Child Health, I ran Family Allergy and Cardiovascular Prevention Programs at the Family Planning Council on Genetics.
I taught homeopathy to doctors, herbalists, nurses and parents.
Since 2005 I have my own pediatric practice at home.
I have published my fairytale audiobook with the title Mesetandem.
I also developed the iMed Aromatherapy Soap. Ask the doctor above to answer your inquiry!


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