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Most of the time it is unnecessary in childhood almonds

Most of the time it is unnecessary in childhood almonds

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In fact, for the most part, it cost the children more than the benefits of almonds. The need for almond oil also shares the health profession and the public.

Most of the time it is unnecessary in childhood almondsThe University of Birmingham's research has analyzed the data of more than 1.6 million children. Based on the results of the research, just one of eight almonds was justified. According to the study, far more children are removed from the tonsil than they would actually need to have surgery, which in the United Kingdom amounts to 32,500 surgeries per year. According to the protocol, surgery is justified if the child has throat inflammation three times a year for a week or for three consecutive years. As common as sore throat is in only 11.7 percent of affected children. For those who have no need for surgery, their tonsils are more expensive than the intervention itself, and rare. We have found that even children who often suffer from severe sore throat have only a tiny fraction of the tonsils, a reassuring fact that the operation has ever been useful for children
- indexes the MTI track Tom Marshalltprofessor at the university. Both the public and the profession share the need for childhood tonsillectomy, and in Western Europe and America, surgery is quickly chosen, although the tonsils play a major role in childhood immunity.
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