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Clumps of leaves, knuckle acorns

Clumps of leaves, knuckle acorns

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Let's walk the big ones in the autumn avenue and enjoy the leaves under our feet. Young children are especially fond of making noise, even with a stick that can strike a thick leaf rug and even roll over it.

- Let's write a light color letter for a few days on a flipchart, a heavy book, and then put it inside a large wrapping paper (Idea: Pete Laszlo: National Letter).
- Collect acorns and horse chestnuts in a metal box with a lid. If we note it, the noisy rhythm instrument is a boon to the little cuckoo. At home, we can make animals, toothpicks with the help of toothpicks, while they are fresh, shorter, superb loads for dumpers, or changing potatoes in shopkeepers.
Let's target the outdoors with the fruits: pick a thick piece of wood and try to hit it with cones, acorns, chestnuts. Be careful not to walk in the drum area.