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They found a bullet in one of the baby bullets

They found a bullet in one of the baby bullets

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Consumers reported finding a foreign body in one of the baby rooms.

The products are being taken backConsumer filed an application with the National Food Chain Safety Authority (Nabih) to find a foreign body resembling a metal ball in one of Hamab's branded baby food.

Product details

  • Product name: TOOTH Chicken ragout with vegetables and rice
  • Brand name: HAMБNEK
  • Gyбrtу: Brno Hamй s.r.o. (Czech Republic - CZ 314 ES)
  • Forgalmazу: Rossmann Hungary Ltd. (Ьllх)
  • Kiszerelйs: 190g glass (MMI: 15.06.2019)
  • Tйtelszбm: L 14.12.2017
  • RASFF Reference Number: 2018.3736

The products will be taken back

Nibi immediately contacted Rossmann Hungary, which immediately took action: removed the affected product from the shelves, And he posted a statement in the store saying in contrast, the block of proof of purchase will take the goods back.Nebih asks consumers to if you purchased a product with the above IDs, do not use it.The baby was made in the Czech Republic, so Nabih has filed through RASFF.Related links: