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Goldsmith: When the morale causes trouble

Goldsmith: When the morale causes trouble

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Since birth, every human being carries a beautiful anatomical formula called the blood vessel. The majority of people, at least once, also experience what it is like to experience something with this recurrent bullet and develop gold rush disease.

Tendency to bleed: This is the Latin name for the disease, nodus haemorrhoidal. Goldfish disease does not kill them either can occur regardless of age, its development is closely related to lifestyle. Ьlхmunkбt who vйgez, move little, no йs йtrendje elegendх mennyisйgы fiber, will talбlkozni esйllyel the problйmбval.De greater the stress, the dъs zsнrban menь the tъlzott alkoholfogyasztбs йs the dohбnyzбs also elхsegнtheti this kнnos kуr megjelenйsйt - real nйpbetegsйgrхl, civilizбciуs бrtalomrуl beszйlhetьnk our bottom half is in trouble. It is also certain that the older one is, the more likely he or she is to be golden: the mid-50s, while the sixty-sixties were concerned.

The exact cause is unknown

The gold jewel is located close to the vertebrae, and is covered with a purple mole. This bullet can become inflamed, bleed, enlarge, occasionally swell, develop curds and become painful. The inner and outer blood vessels can be distinguished: it depends on where they are located in the event. Goldfish disease can be caused by a number of causes, such as increased abdominal pressure and severe post-mortem weakness, among others.

Intense, genetic effect

Probably the most common direct cause of gold mining is narrow-mindedness. This condition is more common in the public who struggle with starvation, which can be caused by poor dietary fiber intake. But gold can often be obtained by lifting heavy weights, as well as those who work out and wear too tight clothes. middling effort may result in an unpleasant condition. However, it should also be noted in this connection that there are women who bring more children into the world without having to develop a hemorrhoid, even though there is only one pregnancy. This genetics shows the effect: if there is more to the family than the disease, the vein and the udder are a sign of weakness - and fortunately, a lot of pregnant women, who are pregnant, after the baby is born, the status is sorted out, the golden-knot bundles regress.

Degrees and symptoms

This is how the severity of the disease can be divided into stages. Although the first group is enlarged, bloody, but still not cold, the next grade is the few frontal lumps. The situation is more serious if spontaneous recovery does not occur and the fourth stage is indicated if the gold price is removed and cannot be restored. The symptoms of the gold price the patient is free of complaints. Bleeding is what has frightened many: the hallmark of bleeding is that it always rises when it rises and then stops. When the disease is more advanced, itching and relapse can exacerbate any uncomfortable situation. The feeling of discomfort can also be exacerbated by the fact that the patient feels as if he or she has not been able to completely clear his or her pet: this causes a permanent tension in his or her final organs.

Goldsmith: Do not delay consulting a doctor

Don't fuck me!

Many patients feel troubled and do not seek medical advice as soon as possible, as accurate diagnosis, proper treatment and schedule can only be provided by a specialist. Also, the examination is a must-miss because there are illnesses that resemble gold, such as benign or malignant cancers, which can be well discovered over time. One possibility is to inject a drug into the lump that will block the vein. But it can also be a solution for the first-order inner gold veins to suppress them with a rubber squeegee, which causes the death and death of the gold ring. Any solution can be chosen by the doctor and the patient: the key to the therapist is to eliminate the blood supply to the skin. It takes place only in the third and fourth stages.
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