Vote for Judith too! Our author is among the first fire!

Vote for Judith too! Our author is among the first fire!

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Judit Szхdy, Pregnant Mother, and author and editor of the Family-Friendly Medium-Djj. Vote for it if you like your articles!

The Family The Deceived Foundation distributes the Family-Friendly Medium Award each year to authors who have done much to support the family. This time, our ten nominated middlemen, Judit Szхdy. A series of interviews with the candidates has been published in Kämpmabs magazine. Judit tells us about the beginnings:
"It's strange that I started this far: I wanted to deal with animals from a tiny age. According to family legend, when a puppy was bitten, my belly was bitten, but I would go back to caress it ... As I grew, I observed them with patience and empathy, which led me to be attentive, patient and empathetic with the babies. And, of course, very eager. It was a huge surprise to see how different a child is from one another. She was often freaked out, sometimes impertinent, but basically very good.
We talked to a lot of moms in the interchange, and it turned out that they had a lot of problems and questions. As a psychologist, I began to look at what might be the cause of the great uncertainty. I realized that they are getting little, bad or chaotic information during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. We rely on more professionals, specialist books, we do not believe in being able to give birth, to breastfeed, to raise a child, and to fear that we will be spoiled. Many people do not make it consciously, but unfortunately they are influenced by a lot of advertising and unwanted advice. It may not help them. "
Prize winners are selected by the panel based on articles submitted by readers. Judith was educated on the development of children by her parents.
- I was surprised that this lengthy article caught readers and members of the committee. Although it has appeared, it is more than worth reading and enjoying the support. I love it because I feel like I managed to convey how interesting and exciting the baby and the baby are. How strong and competent. That we do not always want something from him, if we provide the right environment for him, and listen and admire him. A little back, no worries, enjoy.
If you were to ask me which job I was really proud of, I was edited, but unfortunately you could not get Kids 2 to 8 to flag my Maternity Number. I think I'm lacking in hope that we can once again make something like this out of the age range. And in my recent baby room articles, I have "world savers" close by, like the one where I showed how important mother and baby body contact is in the first few minutes, or one that focuses on childishness.
Here you can vote for Juditra until November 30, 2012 if you like your job!


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