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Dead woman helped baby doll on SOTE

Dead woman helped baby doll on SOTE

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A mother was hospitalized for heart attack in May. Unfortunately, the brain damage could not be reversed after two months and a half a month later with a cesarean section.

In June 2014, a woman who was pregnant with a 24-week-old fetus went to Semmelweis University following the on-site resuscitation. The cause of the circulatory arrest was a heart attack, the acute treatment of which stopped immediately. The patient's cardiovascular status was successfully stabilized, but cerebral damage caused by circulatory arrest proved to be irreversible. In agreement with the family, however, the vital functions of the maternal mother were maintained by special therapy at the Semmelweis University Clinic of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care for the birth of a child. The baby was born two and a half months later by cesarean section with the help of a specially prepared team of doctors. The baby is born at 2300 grams, prematurely born but in a stable condition.

Dead woman helped baby doll on SOTE

What makes this case special medically is that few similarities have been reported in the world. The head of the doctor's group, dr. János Gál, director of the Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Clinic, said that the case was an exceptionally successful one, as it could save the baby The care and dedication of the poles was greatly contributed to all of this, added the director. Although the care was provided in the intensive care unit, success was brought about by the cooperation of several specialties. Cardiologists, gynecologists, midwives, neonatologists were also present in the intensive care unit, in addition to the intensive care unit.


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