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Do you make a bear after the third cup?

Do you make a bear after the third cup?

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Did we really ask our readers and anyone we just missed: was he offered the second or third cup before the bunch of bears? Yes, everyone, and without exception, was a big surprise.

My third child, Fülöp, was not born naturally in 1997 either. At my last appointment before the programmed cupcake, the doctor said to me: - In the middle of the third cupcake, we also cover the fallopian tubes under a smoke. Because it is not advisable to have more pregnancy. Do you agree? Because then you should sign here.
I didn't agree. That's right, I thought I wouldn't want any more kids and more cesarean section because I was very tired then. But somehow I felt that my productivity belonged to me, and in particular, what if I changed my mind? I don't like end-to-end solutions. The doctor, however, did not expect such a response, so I just laughed at me in a funny way, "Okay, but if you get pregnant again, don't come to me." I didn't want to regret it, but I thought to myself, I probably won't come again. Then she was born nine years later, at the age of 42 (avoiding miscarriages: she had a planned baby), my lucky little Ilonkám, and she did not give me any more, but she did not turn me on.
He has earned such a standard Erika also with whom he was born at a birthplace in South Hungary.
- I had my third baby in April, this was my third baby. My doctor told me that after three cups there is an automatic reservation, unless I send a paper below that I do not want this. I glanced at the appointment. Actually, I wanted a fourth baby a couple of years later, but my doctor said he wouldn't do the surgery (and may not be in this hospital anymore) and I didn't want to give birth. Is it true that when I asked for a reservation - because I didn't want it at first - the parent said, what do I want, not three children? They also need to be raised!
Esther also had three cesarean section. - Annoyed about pushing the man over the cup, the second time he was not even asked to do it, and on the other hand, there is the act of quarreling: greetings, welds. Before the third one, I was also asked not to cut the fallopian tubes so that I could not have more children. Doesn't that make them a harmless, plain, so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so. The doctor could see the protest on my face for a while, and really, I haven't even seen anything like it, since it is not so difficult to get pregnant nowadays.
Can I be a fat thank you?
This is one of the questions worth clarifying. The answers vary from birth to birth. There are no ceilings in the numerous institutions of Budapest, among them in the Church of St. Stephen.

It is true that the value of the events is higher, but not to such an extent that it would raise the issue of bears, so this suggestion is not appropriate from a medical point of view. If, on the other hand, the mother asks because she does not want more children, then this can be a simple and inexpensive method of conception - we learned dr. Boros Judit baby girl, our magazine specializes in advice.

We received a reply dr. Runcz Бrpбdtуl, Born in Békéscsaba, Head of Department: - After two cups, the third is dangerous to the health of the woman, so after the second, we can offer the most fertile after all. If you change your mind after that year, we will try to restore your fertility through the next few years. We've had this happen before. However, if recovery is unsuccessful, the patient will have to pay the full cost of the flask procedure because he will not be eligible for OEP after a period of bears.
Opinion of the Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Csánykany M. Gyцrgy is a candidate for maternity: - There is no specific professional position on the upper limit of the number of cuttings, nor when to offer the bears' item. As the number of cuttings is expected to increase further, so will the number of cuttings, so this request will be on the rise. Today, anyone who is of legal age can ask for a bear bear item. Anyone who does not have a medical indication (prior cesarean section counts as a medical indication) will have to pay a sum of hundreds of thousands of forints, but this can be excused by the hospital's director. Half a year under the age of twenty-six is ​​required before the procedure, after which three months is enough. It is the responsibility of the physician to provide the patient with full information on the possibilities of conception, including the use of infertility. When it comes to an abdominal surgery, such as a cupping section, there is also an easy option for a bovine bear item. The intervention is virtually risk-free, and the success of any subsequent repair operation will also depend on the technique used: trimming, trimming, or clip placement. Equally, the possibility of a bear's bear has been given to men: it is much simpler, cheaper to have ambulatory intervention, easier to repair, has no adverse side effects, and does not affect sexual enjoyment at all.
The Constitutional Review
The bears' passage is allowed by a 2006 law for every adult citizen in the Constitutional Constitution. However, Peter Kovács, in his constitutional opinion, emphasized that the bear's bear is virtually final, since fertility can very rarely be restored. Because infertility procedures are revolutionary, reversing a hasty or other life situation is only possible for financially capable families. Peter Kovcs further reminds us of the fact that even in countries where human rights are at stake, it is a problem that patients give their consent to the fact that they have not made any explicit or explicit statement. All of these are cumulative in terms of skills, material and social background, and can be considered as a disadvantage.
Is the situation clear?
Our experience has shown me that in three cases, after two cups, we offer women a bear bear item. Usually right before surgery, when consenting statements are submitted. Sign up for someone you haven't been to! We wanted to find out what the truth is, what it is, and why it is. It failed. We've found chaos, even though the point of the profession is that you may have a few cuttings. Cool, when the proportion of cesarean section was 3-4 percent, women were affected by a slight loss. Now, a third of babies are baking. But you do well if you think about this question in time, when you still have the ball and you are clearing what is right for you! The free slaughter solution, or keeping your fertility safe, is another method of conceiving.