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Isn't the baby coming? Insemination helps with obstacles

Isn't the baby coming? Insemination helps with obstacles

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The problem of a number of childless couples can be solved in a relatively simple way by directly delivering the human embryonic cells to the mature egg. This method of infertility treatment is inseminated.

Assisted conception

Assisted reproduction is the method by which medical science is able to increase the chances of conceiving couples in the past. As a general rule, all such treatment methods are designed to try to solve the problem with the least burdensome, simplest methods, and only to be treated in the event of their failure.
Such a less burdensome method is artificial insertion, inszeminбciу, which the common language simply (and inaccurately) knows as artificial fertilization. The essence of the procedure is that facilitates the meeting of fetal cells and oocytes by delivering sperm to the near matured ovum, the neck canal, the mumps, or the fallopian tubes. Artificial insertion may occur with the sperm of a couple of females or, if necessary, with donor hormone cells.

Bridges are bad

Both women and men can give you status, conditions, life situations that can be solved by inszeminбciу method may be appropriate. For example, if the woman's neck canal is impassable or if she is. there is an infertility of immunological origin (anti-sperm antibodies are present in the cervical spine), possibly vaginal stricture or vaginism (involuntary constriction of the lymphatic system).
For males, artificial insemination is recommended when there is a reduction in the production of oocytes, inadequate movement of sperm, or in maladaptation of the vagina. Examples include magical deficiency, premature magma, or self. retrograde, ejaculatory above the bladder.

Conditions, contraindications

In order to successfully carry out artificial fertilization, it is necessary for the ovary of the woman to be in order, at least one of the oviducts must be able to be fertilized, and the fertile bed of the mother must be fertilized.
Of course, you should also be tested for a condition that can make pregnancy difficult, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, and so on. For the male part, it is assumed that the sperm count is at least tens of millions per milliliter, and that at least thirty percent of its gametes are healthy.

Insemination can help

They are also examined for health status before treatment to ensure that they do not suffer from high risk of recurrence of congenital malformation, and that the genital tract is not infected.

She's a donor or a donor

The placement of the ondou may occur with the male's own ondou, in which case homolog inseminarc talking to or with a foreign donor. This is later, a heterolog insemination it is necessary if the sperm of a couple's male member is incurably incapable of fertilization, or if it carries a high risk of recurrence of congenital malformation, possibly of severe immunologic or haematopoietic origin.
The procedure is technically no different for either your own or donor ondу. Donors undergo a detailed medical examination, which excludes the possibility of co-morbidities and, of course, the possibility of sexually transmitted infections. The donor of the sperm remains unknown and strict anonymity is guaranteed in the sperm banks. Prior to the intervention, all members of the parent couple make a declaration in which they undertake to regard the child to be born as a common, self-proclaimed child.

Increased chances of conception

The effectiveness is enhanced if the intervention occurs at the time of ovulation, possibly within the six urns that follow. For this reason, the method is mostly supplemented with hormonal ovarian stimulation, followed by ultrasound monitoring during the "timed" days of ovulation, to ensure that the most appropriate time inszeminбciу. In the case of fresh donation (in the case of ondou) or in the case of donor sperm, frozen semen is delivered to the uterine cavity via a small catheter after preparation. The treatment is ambulatory, painless.
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