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Judit's diary - 13th hrtRepьlьnk!

Judit's diary - 13th hrtRepьlьnk!

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You need to know how to organize it! It was a terribly sad experience that pregnant women were either neglected or treated as if they were sick.

I made sure that I would not complain about Hungarian health, but as a liar and a newcomer, I also have a duty of honesty and information. Somewhere we stopped announcing myself for mandatory ultrasound and combined screening. Of course, not a little excitement and misunderstanding preceded it.
In Hungary, Down filtering is compulsory for people over 35 years old, with two methods. You can either go for a combined screening with ultrasound, blood count, or opt for an amniotic scan, so you can have a fetal water test. It is all about hearing everything, especially the bad, and neither the doctor nor the nurse can vote for either. I personally decided right from the start that I wouldn't dry myself, even if because of that, I was humbled by it, and he wrote in my pregnancy book that he "wouldn't go." Why would I do this if a simple blood test could exclude this method? In the meantime, of course, my family in the world is keen on my curvaceous tummy, daddy's birthday, and we are looking for a couple of flyers. Can this be? Can a man fly in the air? How will this affect me and our baby?
When I'm in the hospital and a terribly nice lady is teasing my tummy because the kid is not at all willing to turn around to measure the size of the cervical folds, I throw in the request to fly. She suddenly freezes and looks at her eyes: A pregnant woman shouldn't travel! - he says, and I take back the kind token I have given myself and grab my dear hand. Of course, after two minutes, it doesn't even matter when she smiles again: she'll be a little boy! Now, should I say I was sure?
Why this grandfather is more concerned about the grandfather is a sure tradition, but in fact, my father was almost mad when he learned the story. The other grandfather, in short, did just that: We would be mad at the girl, but we would still be mad, I'm just kidding, don't put her down! Of course, my little boy, who's so keen on ultrasound tracking, may soon be experiencing the flying experience, and I'm a pure nerve to start such an adventure.
I read, research, inquire, since Dad's birthday is not a trophy, not to mention we have no chance of escaping in the coming months, and then I'm awake if I have time to sleep. Obviously it won't be. My doctor smiles, of course: Are you flying? Because then don't go! So many nerves are not worth the whole thing! - No, I'm afraid! - I answer. - Then go! - write down my pregnancy book and shake your head. I think it's too late to forgive me for missing out on the baby test. But now I'm not worried about that, I'm sure the combined filter will be fine, and we'll know the result right off the waterfront in a Mediterranean country. Shit, kid! Five days out of our lives! Wait for the flight!


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