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Infants do not get development sooner

Infants do not get development sooner

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The screening system started on September 1st, but there are major issues: the IT system is down, the baby is overloaded, and babies in need have to wait months to develop.

Infants do not get development sooner

Previously, based on the Alphabet Report, we also thought there was a new filtration system in place as of September 1, which is designed to prevent early development with more status tests and parental requests. However, the IT system does not work, so there are more tasks for each and every one of those who are burdened with problems, and the burden is not borne by the guardians - among others, he has spoken to the Hungarian Nation Varga Andrea health manager, chairman of the Autonomous Territorial Trade Union. The health manager also said that the system started by default, the laws are not consistent, there is a lot of uncertainty. There are no positive benefits to the new program, there are problems. The new screening does not only mean multiple status exams, but also asks you to fill out the child between the ages of one month and six, which the parent should do. Azoknбl the csecsemхknйl who egyйvesen felmerьl the gyanъ some fejlхdйsbeli elmaradбsra 15 hуnaposan due to continuous ъjabb vizsgбlat szьksйges.Az IT hбttйr hiбnya papнrmunkбra kйnyszerьlnek the vйdхnхk, fйnymбsolбsra, which is visszalйpйs by Andrea Varga, as vйdхnхk jуl mыkцdх software worked so far. Paperwork is not just overwork, but overhead. The rise of status exams takes time off of advice. However, all the effort seems to be futile, as it is possible to filter out children sooner, but the waiting lists are longer, and it takes several months for the children to go to a specialist. And this can be critical for infants who have a problem. Service is almost unavoidable in the villages, with the possibility of early development only in larger cities.Czeizel Barbara, the Commissioner for Early Childhood Intervention said earlier that every fifth to tenth child has something to do about development, and the main question is whether parents should get to the right person. There are many development methods in Hungary, but parents do not know which problem, at what age, to whom to turn.
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