3 Trendy NewbornsBaby, Diaper, Potty

3 Trendy NewbornsBaby, Diaper, Potty

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A special potty, a special curtain and a really space-saving diaper table? We've collected a couple of trendy innovations.

FlyBaby - Baby Replicator

In this wholesome, addictive baby, your baby can travel safely and comfortably on a plane. The great advantage is that you do not have to keep your fly so long in the air, but you can travel with each other in your own life so you can see each other for the rest. Flying with a toddler who doesn't like to be around anymore, but in this way he or she will be better off on the road, can be a lot of fun. FlyBaby baby is extremely easy to use and versatile: it can be mounted on any high backroom, whether in the airport, restaurant, hotel or even at home. You can take it with you, because it can be folded into small bags, so it is easy to pack in your luggage. Now on Amazon for $ 44.99.

Place-changing diaper table

This exquisite and completely new diaper table was designed by Swedish designer Bo Ekström. Its goal was not to save money, since this fold-up diaper costs 280 euros, which translates into about 80 thousand forints. However, it is very practical as it takes up little space, can be opened with one hand, is decorative and can be mounted at a height that is most comfortable for you. It is advisable to install it near the washbasin. The mattress is made of 3 cm thick cotton fiber, which can be washed at 60 degrees with clothes of the same color.

With puppy sideburns

The Potty Bench is a modern, designer potty made of glossy plastic with two-sided built-in storage. One can hold toilet paper, the other a damp cloth. The party itself can be pulled out, so easy to clean. When the lid is folded down, you can use a stable rubber shoe that weighs up to 136 kg. It's £ 37.99.


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