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If Mom's worried

If Mom's worried

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Here are some of the biggest requests for parenting. What lexicons have been written by experts is a bit simpler now. The hubby and the superintendent have the same opinion.


Sometimes I can make myself sick. When I was pregnant with Balazs, I was most afraid that the doctor would do something or my son would have Down. They often give birth to sick babies so that everything was right before her. But fortunately, Balzs came to life.
I was also very worried about starting to sleep in time, so it seemed like she was only going to one of the offices. At the end, I called a physiotherapist who didn't understand why I was asking him to come out. I told you I had to hear from a specialist, sure everything's okay with the kid. I was reassured that the little movement was fine.
We go for a swim with balsa, but not at the nearby swimming pool, where one day the old lady and the weasels whine, and the next day the babies would whip up. We saved you in your loneliness. The kid is going well, She enjoys the water, drinks like a dolphin. Even though his dad dives too much underwater, I ask if he will have enough water before, because that is my capacity.
I start anesthesia, but my father finishes it. I get tired of the day and night and I can't get enough peace of mind. Csaba is an island of tranquility. I hope this is where Bolshev came to his father. I don't think you're talking about your speech yet, but I'm a little worried. If you don't start explaining it in two or two months, I'll post it on the Internet logopйdus to a specialist who can be visited and tells me to be kind, calm down.


Krisztina aggressive type, which I think is normal for a mother. In half of the cases I still give him the truth, of course I stand by him, even if I know he just needs to calm him down. For example, Balzs turned away from the bed about a month ago. I worked, Kriszta called, she was ready. I knew that the troubles of Urri could not happen, the child fell from low, not to concrete, but to parquet. But immediately I got home, we took Balazs to the hospital. We were told that everything was fine, Christ had to calm down and he was annoyed not to care about him.
I mainly pay attention to eating. For example, a lot of my dear mother and Kriszta have prepared and if I need oil, I make sure that the fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids. They cook baked bread for Balazs, which has no preservatives. I try to avoid additives that can cause allergies or eczema. When the doctor didn't ask if I was allergic to the family - even though I am sensitive to dust mites and mildew - I told him what kind of diet to give the child.
When a little one starts out, I think it's natural for him to fall for a couple of times, and he learns to take better care of himself. THE betegsйgek I'm not worried about it in particular, maybe because all the injections I received were given to Balazs. Lazza wasn't there either. Or maybe it was once hхemelkedйse? It was as if he had a nose to say ... I don't remember.