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There is a special bath technique that will put the baby to sleep

There is a special bath technique that will put the baby to sleep

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Sonia Rochel, a French newborn baby and infant, has developed a special bath technique that relaxes babies to the point where they practically fall asleep.

You need to learn Sonia Rochel's special bath technique

The sound of the constantly rustling water, Sonia its caressing, slow touches recall the idyllic status of the mother in its infancy. The Thalasso Baby Bath technique may seem a little daunting at first, since the water infects the eyes, mouth and ears of newborns, but it is completely safe. Babies do not cry, on the contrary, a 15 minutes massage and rocking they are so relaxed that they stay awake all night long. Sonia does not use any bath products except the water and the power of touch to heal The infant baby renowned for her bath technique has been working in the profession for 39 years and also educates parents in France so they can apply this special technique at home. However, you are warned that somebody (like watching videos), without knowledge and practice, will try it with you. " my world-wide appeal is theirs, "says Sonia. "When I meet parents who want to learn the technique, I first notice how afraid they are of the bath. The most important thing is to get rid of that fear because your baby will be able to relax, too." tip that anyone can take, as we can guarantee a more enjoyable bath for babies.

1. Never bathe a hungry baby!

If the baby is hungry, even the finest baths will not be able to soothe. Sonia thinks it's ideal if 20-30 minutes after dinner you are going to take a bath.

2. Don't be afraid your little ear or eyes will get wet!

There will be no harm to the baby if a little water enters the eyes or ears. In fact, sooner you will be much more confident in the water.

3. Use a Baby Shower Head!

How good is a relaxing head massage at the hairdresser? Newborns also feel very comfortable when they are massaged by water jets. Get a baby shower headand gently splash water on the little head.

4. Prepare for Sudden Movements!

Newborn babies have the flickering, sudden, reflex-like movements that come with keeping one hand in hand at all times. For example, when they accidentally get to the edge of the code, they get ready or start chiming. Hold the baby with one hand, but the other should always be close to the baby for such cases.

5. Focus on standing!

Sonia is aiming at the whole method of letting parents realize that bathing is not about washing the baby quickly, especially with regard to the armpits and other inclinations. It's about enjoying the warmth of the water, the warmth, relaxing with the little ones and having a good time. Only with this change of attitude can you make the bath a lot more special for your baby.Video about bathing:The following articles are also related to the bath topic:


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