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12 reasons to drink green tea

12 reasons to drink green tea

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It is much more effective in the field of pounding than greens, and it is also a great help in losing weight - and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Zцld tea

1. Йlйnkнt

One serving of coffee contains 100mg caffeine there is only 50mg of tea in it, but it is absorbed much slower, so it is able to exert a much more balanced effect. It is important to advise that after 5pm, it is not worth having tea as it may make it difficult to fall asleep.

2. Strengthens the immune system

Among others, green tea, which contains vitamins C, B2, D, K, magnesium, potassium, polyphenols, caffeine, is known to be effective in strengthening the body's ability to resist. In the cooler cold season, it is especially worthwhile to put a box of green tea on the shelf.

3. The rocks

Antioxidбns Its effect is to help prevent the development of cancerous diseases. Already, even if healing cannot be hoped for, it slows the deterioration of the condition and further growth of the existing tumor. According to research conducted at Louisiana State University, extract from polyphenols of green tea reduced the growth of cancer by about 30 percent. It is also interesting that

4. It affects the blood sugar level

It helps keep your blood sugar under control, so it is highly recommended for people with diabetes who have insulin resistance.

5. Diet is good too

Stimulates it anyagcserйt, helps with digestion, so if you are dieting, be sure to include green tea in your goal. It is worthwhile to use multiple chisels to trigger the effect.

6. It is also effective against caries

Not only does it help to prevent tooth decay, but you can also count bad green tea with bad breath.

7. Lower cholesterol

THE cholesterol Level Reducing Effect is also a well-known property of many people for green tea. According to research, it only lowers bad cholesterol and does not affect you.

8. Decreased risk of heart attack, heart disease and stroke

According to a study from Rotterdam, people who consume large quantities of green tea have a significantly lower incidence of heart attacks and heart disease. It improves blood flow in the heart, supports blood vessels. S бllнtуlag a stroke is also likely to develop.

9. It also helps with migraine headaches

Green tea йrtбgнtу It can also be a useful drink for those who belong to migraine tuberculosis.

10. Strengthens the bones

Thanks to the ingredients of green tea, we also give our bones and teeth a little extra when consumed.

11. It also does good for the bladder

In green tea catechins (catechin), which protects the bladder from inflammation, and hurts the body's healing process even when bladder disease develops.

12. You can also use facial mask

If you have already brewed hot tea, you should not throw away the tea leaves. Apply a facial wrap to your face, make your skin look nicer.Elkйszнtйse:
In a 70 degree state, it is worth tapping the leaves, covering the brush, and waiting for 1-3 minutes to blur the leaves. Secondly, it is possible to scour the leaves because other materials emanate from it at the first time. The second wake should be 5-8 minutes. If you are using matured non-filtered tea, count 2 dl of water with 1 mocha spoon.Tips:
It is worth drinking without watering! Useful if you drink more than one chick (2-4) in one day. But don't put it in the fire!Consuming green tea for children not recommended for caffeine content!

Pregnancy and green tea

Because green tea it decreases the absorption of folic acid And iron, so you should definitely reduce your consumption of green tea during pregnancy.They may also be interested in:
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