CSOK: They go bad, who don't perform well

CSOK: They go bad, who don't perform well

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Many people take the benefit of creating a home for families, that is, the chocolate, that they want to have children, and this can cause serious trouble - read hvg.hu.

One of the most important news of the past few days was the elimination of state support for home curtains, which is also considered a problem by professionals because they could resort to this method more than just a bunch of family members. The chocolate is tied to a child's birth, and many claim that they do not "have" the right number of children, but want it sooner. Hvg.hu article says Thousands are at high risk because they generally may not be able to meet the conditions set out in the loan. "More and more people are looking for banks: for a couple of years, parents have told me they have three kids, they got a loan, and they soon lost it. But it's not the case that the household just left they could not have a third child, "read the article.You may have to pay back the support Unfortunately, this can have serious consequences: if the family does not fulfill the required number of children at the right time - one child has 4 years, two children have 8 years, three children have 10 years to fulfill the conditions -, then you will have to repay the full amount of supportHowever, in some cases you do not have to repay the chocolate and the loan taken, for example, if you are pregnant at the end of the month, present proof that they would not recommend having a child for health reasons (via)Also worth reading:
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