Power intolerance: these are the most common problems

Power intolerance: these are the most common problems

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Many people suffer from food intolerance. Cow's milk, wheat and egg whites are a problem for most people.

Power intolerance: these are the most common problemsDr. Takbats in Alajos chief physician of gastrointestinal gastroenterology, chairman of the Department of Food Intolerance and Food Allergy, presented the most frequently selected ingredients at an educational and professional training event. Based on the results of more than 6,000 laboratory tests, these raw materials are cows' milk, egg white and wheat - reported by the corn on the female and the corn on the male. Every tenth of the sensitivities are caused by agar-agar: this red-blooded derivative, which is named E406 on the brand name of the products, is a jelly-like, thickener, in marmalades, yoghurts, spices the amount of food consumed and the symptoms develop more slowly, and it is often difficult to find a correlation between food and complaints. Typical complaints can be bloating, stomach upset, digestive problems, eczema, acne, regular headaches. If you are sensitive to a raw material, you may not be able to cure the raw material, but it can alleviate the symptoms altogether.Related articles about food intolerance:
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