Symptoms of influenza

Symptoms of influenza

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Many people have trouble differentiating between flu and cold. Although the symptoms are very similar, it is not unnecessary to separate the two with a lay head.

Treatment of flu: a lot of rest and bed rest is important

If the child or other member of the family catches the flu, it is first and foremost high lбz - and with it the chilling - and so on vйgtagfбjdalom It occurs. The fever can rise very high, and 40 Celsius is not uncommon. Typically the fever is difficult to defecate in the first couple of days (1-2) (it does not go below 37.5-38 degrees Celsius). day in the course of the disease. THE dry cough it can last up to weeks, even making overnight rest difficult. For the little patient a its condition is quite poor: Feeling tired, tired, depressed. The flu symptoms also show a multiplicity of symptoms such as headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of strength.

What do you need to know about influenza?

In fact, 3 viruses (A, B, C) further subtypes and variants, mutants, cause year-to-year influenza. The disease should not be debilitated as severe conditions may develop in the course of the disease. Take your child to the doctor anyway. If you have slowness, difficulty breathing, loss of sleep, then there is a serious problem, you should not delay consulting a doctor. will be much more likely to get another infection, the sooner you will become ill.In the first 4-5 days by no means take the influenza kid to a public place, because the flu virus is very intensely infected during this period. What is bad is that due to the variability of the disease, it is possible that the child and the parent may have several influenza during the flu season. Of course, for those who are not at risk, vaccines can be available in the pharmacy. It is important to know that there is no flu vaccine that guarantees complete protection.

Treatment of influenza

The most important thing in the case of influenza is pihenйs, bed rest. Your child's body temperature may not respond to the drug in the first few days, so use a cooling bath or a priznic for the purpose of treating flame retardation. folyadйkpуtlбs and the right one (mainly C) vitamin the provision of a dose or, if necessary, other benefits (eg capped). The pediatrician should always be consulted to determine the appropriate treatment.Related Articles on Flu: