At night, it is also dry

At night, it is also dry

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For many parents, the moment when you can say with certainty that my child is completely room-clean and clean is hard to come by. How long should we be patient?

A number of conditions must be met in order for the splash to stop completely. The basic condition of the nervous and mental health, that is, for a kid to be able to hold urine, stools, and want it. This daytime develops between three and three years of age. Overnight splashing can last for years.

What's going on?

Night-time cleanliness develops because the nervous system is less sensitive to bladder signs during sleep than when awake. The brain's job at night is to relax our body. It helps a great deal that different levels of hormones are flowing through our body at different times of the day. In the "nocturnal mode", more is produced from the hormone that is responsible for water retrograde, meaning that we do not lose water in the first place. If that's the case, why are the babies peeing at night? Because the hormonal system also has to stop. Like everything else, this Arabic process can play out at a very different time in the children. It is very rare for a second year of life to be able to spend the night without peeing, but this usually occurs after three years and before six months of age. In the meantime, let her sleep, let her sleep in a pelus. He's not the coolest kid who's gonna be clean sooner.


It is not uncommon for tears to be reliably clean for a few months and then to wake up again in wet bedding. At this point, we can be sure that your body is mature for room cleanliness, whether it is caused by a mental illness or illness. If there is no reason in the family life that may have disturbed the child's psychological balance (sibling birth, moving, overturning, family tension), then it is worthwhile to ask for help and this will excite the organs of the chosen system, causing the child to pee more frequently. In the same way, sыrы causes peeing stimulation, called "cystitis". This is mainly a disease of babies, because they pass the pathways to the selected organs shorter than them. If the doctor sees the little one in time, we can put a lot of tension on him and on ourselves.

At night, it is also dry

Let's think about it!

Even if the little one drinks at night, we can't wait to be clean! A lot of kids are baby dolls. Swapping the glass for a glass will make you drink less. If we scold you because it gets pissed, it will become more tense, it will lead to more peeing. spiritual development.If you regularly pee in the same space, you can wake him up a couple of minutes earlier to pee, but then you really wake him up. If you pee in the open, you will learn that you should pee during your sleep.
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