Are vaccines really overloading the immune system?

Are vaccines really overloading the immune system?

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Many parents fear that many vaccinations received within the first 23 months will increase the risk of the child becoming less susceptible to infections that have not been vaccinated. That is, parents fear that the vaccines will overload the immune system.

Are vaccines really overloading the immune system?A 2002 study by the Institute of Medicine (IoM) identified several mechanisms that lead to the conclusion that immunocompromised disease and increased risk of non-vaccine-targeted infections may occur. in Danish children: A study of births between 1990 and 2001 and found that children who received 5 vaccinations for 7 diseases did not increase the risk of becoming more infectious than they had received. to date, there has been no study of the relationship between antigen exposure and the development of other infections currently in the US vaccine system. Therefore, in 2013, the Institute of Medicine came to the conclusion that further observational examinations should be conducted to determine whether early childhood vaccination may increase the risk of the child becoming infected for two years without having been vaccinated. Research on this subject looked at 193 children, 24 and 47 months of age, suffering from an infectious disease that was not vaccinated between the ages of 0 and 23 months. And the control group looked at children who, at the same age, between the ages of 24 and 47 months, did not suffer from an infectious disease that could not be vaccinated. The result of the study may suggest that children are not overloaded with the many immunizations given in early childhood.Related articles in the vaccine topic:
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