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4 years old, the baby is a bunch of eyes, full of eyes

Many parents are more likely to find that their child does not babysit something else when he or she fits the fourth candle on the birthday cake.

What is a grown-up child like?Surely, we are a real little kid, full of opinions, ideas, plans, special humor. And everyone is interested.

Physical development, movement

My baby monkey in the family
The majority of adults are nineteen to sixteen pounds and about ninety inches, but at this age the physical characteristics of the parents are very severe. prone Hнzбsra csalбdtagok esetйn increased tцrekedjьnk йs the egйszsйges tбplбlkozбsra kйsztetх the mozgбsra kцrnyezet kialakнtбsбra because the tъlsъlyos gyerekeknйl you have already then appear in elhнzбs kбros mellйkhatбsai the cukorbontбs disorder, high vйrzsнrtartalom signs sхt the йrszыkьlet elsх is.A nйgyйves course imбd move! In the ovi, primitive team games also develop. This can also be triggered by the parent when the bigger brothers or other playmates are at hand. However, the young man is really impressed by his performance, as he now faces the many exciting things his weaning movement can do. She drives her bicycle, skips to the top of her bike - and can even jump off. Some swing on their own, though the parent often has to sacrifice lost momentum with a single shot. He certainly hits the ball and throws it, and his intended control is: it's time for football soccer! It is even more so because the small one is able to suddenly move in the middle of running, even if it is unbalanced. It jumps neatly with a couple of feet, but using the jumper is still too complicated. Many parents are turning their heads at this point: now you need to get your kid into a sports club to be a junior competitor. There's probably a lot of room for ballet ... Let's think about what business problems, unilateral load can cause musculoskeletal disorders in the early stages of development, and what kind of emotional, psychological consequences it has. you need free movement, rather, if you make a choice, you are a sport that your fitness and interest make you fit.
The little one can be effectively involved in some of our household: you can spread the table, remove the dry clothes, wipe the tile with a damp sponge, and pack your toys. The pencil is mostly hand-held, but still draws relatively large hinges. Plasticine figures are beginning to resemble something.


Everything has an explanation
His age-old thinking and maturity are long enough for him to explain the things of the world. If you get some focus from the adults, you will combine it until the picture is over. The cannula has heat in the soup, the sun is so cold because we love us, the lake is frozen so we can skate. The world revolves around it, phenomena reflecting their senses or fulfilling their needs. In this age, fairy tales count as currency. Growing up wouldn't be too much of a surprise if the carpet were to rise with him, as with Aladdin. For example, you might want to "unpack" your site first and then search for it afterwards. You can get involved in the simpler rules: you are fantastic in memory games, and the adults are beaten regularly. The simple pieces of the wooden puzzle neatly fit into place, but the real puzzle is not her own. She enjoys storytelling more and more. It is often the case that he wants the same story every night. She likes to be accountable, reassured that he knew in advance what was going to happen, and he wrote another and another moments. Repetition is also good for speech development, as it reliably expands the child's impotence.You can classify objects according to their characteristics. Confidently recognizes colors, meaning "thin", "thick", "before", "aftertaste". He loves to say things, but sometimes he can get stuck in that knowledge.

Social Relationships

I got your opinion!
Growing up is basically a safe place for adults, but sometimes it gives up on childishness. He enthusiastically hates others, often working with them together, but they still do not develop games where they would play a role. The essence of talent is the reward that kids learn a lot from. There is a time when there are different groups in kindergarten. Boys tend to play with boys, girls play with girls, and "boy" and "girl" games. Of course, there is a switch between the two, and they are generally not surprised if the baby is cooked or the baby is cooking.
Adults in their community often express their opinions more directly than before, but even strangers still need their parents' company. He listens to his interlocutor, greets you long and responds to your requests.Jellemzх !!! The drawing is telling
The four-year-old uses the pencil, felt-tip pen and crayon. Thick breeds do better, and it is also important to keep the ruse well. At this age, it is most likely to be formed in which hand you prefer the pencil. Let's not consider left-handedness as a trap, let's try to get the little one used to it. This can make the job very difficult, expecting serious performance, and can also interfere with neurodevelopment. Leaving which hand you use is all the more important because it may be the time you left off for school, and your "surety" will come to an end. a house above the flesh, a wiener with eyes outside his face, anything can go side by side. A characteristic feature of this age is the enchanting scribble, which often appears among the figures. At the age of five or six, the cube turns: the child wants to draw the currency, that is, what he knows about the world. All four wheels of the car are on the drawing sheet, even when drawing from the side. We can also see the driver with his hands, feet, steering wheel, pedal as if the body had changed. These features of the drawing usually disappear by the age of seven to eight years. The little one wants to draw things as he really looks. At this point, it is not the practice of drawing skill that matters, but the expression of the imagination, the imagination, the fears. If the child is afflicted with something, the creation may help to work through the depressed conditions. If you can draw from yourself, you can regain your spiritual peace more easily.Happy birthday!
Most small children will be happy to receive kitchen utensils that you can use to help with your housework. Little boys and little girls are happy to add their own pencils to their creations, mix the cream with their own spoon, and mix the cream with their own wooden spoons. Smaller elements also combine to form simple shapes.My first ecombines
Pre-school children are eager to imitate adults. Cards that flutter with wavy lines are really the first things to look for. If our baby loaded the paper starting from the top left corner and moving right up and down, he was well aware of our usual direction. Let us know what you mean. We can hear fantasy stories - it turns out that our baby is well aware that the word "image" is something familiar. Let's play the game and read the story. The first thing you can read is usually his name. In small print, the little artist uses the capital letters to name his smaller family members on the pictures. At this age, you do not need to be suspicious of dyslexia if you spell a few letters or even the whole word.Can a single woman be left alone?
We are in a situation where we have to leave the apartment unexpectedly, to move a package from the neighborhood, or to run out of rubbish. even smaller ones should "take care". The little things are infinite, maybe just take a few minutes to get into something that they don't even look at. If there is a little brother in the house, the situation becomes more complicated. If the little one can't survive, we can leave him alone for a few minutes, if he exercises well, take him with us as well. Before doing so, make sure that there are no dangerous objects left in the vicinity, that the window, the terrace door, that the main stove is not open, that the cooker is not on. In the immediate past, no tragedy has proven that a dog is not a good bisexual, so let's not leave them alone, even if we only need to read the gazoo.Related articles:
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