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Sex During Pregnancy - When to Take Care?

Sex During Pregnancy - When to Take Care?

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Do many couples wonder whether they should have sex during pregnancy? Is Pregnant Sex Not Helping Your Baby? And the mom?

Sex During Pregnancy - When to Take Care?

Pregnancy is not a disease, not a medical condition, but a physiological process, which also means that there is no need to restrict anything in particularthat is related to sexual life. That is, you do not just need to suspend sexual activity because pregnancy is occurring.However, hormonal, physical and, of course, psychological changes can affect the sexual life, both of you. The maternal libido may be diminished, just as the opposite may be the case, and it may happen that the prospective daddy does not want to be together. Everything is conceivable and the exact opposite is true. It is not uncommon and not a matter of diminished libido or anxiety, although there is a lot of falsehood about sexual intercourse during pregnancy. The essential thing of course is for the couple to come to a consensus, accept the changed situation and be able to talk about it, a delicate situation for many. There are exceptions, of course. It is advisable to limit the number of mothers if: - the previous pregnancy ends in early pregnancy. this is especially true when we talk about early abortion
- previous pregnancy concluded with premature birth
- the cleft is open
- the mother has a vaginal infection
- the amniotic fluid is leaking
- Bleeding, lower abdominal pain, stomachs Of course, these symptoms need to be discussed with the pregnant doctor and the follow-up doctor, baby, who will be alert. It is very important during pregnancy proper communication everyone is on top of one another. Sexual life during pregnancy or just the lack of it belongs exclusively to the couple. It only counts how the two of them feel about themselves, whether their relationship is harmonious.


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