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Here's the proof that you won't spoil it if you pick up the baby

Here's the proof that you won't spoil it if you pick up the baby

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"You never hang it? You catch it!" "You're not afraid of being spoiled?" "Learn to calm yourself down before you do!" Do you know these sentences? You must have heard similar ones from your friends and family after your baby was born.

Keep him in your arms as often as you can

Not only have you given birth to your baby, but you're still listening to the pediatrician not to have the baby permanently in your arms because you're spoiling her? Absurd. "My sons are now 4 and 9 years old," says a mother. "As a rule, I have to beg them to embrace me or to greet me as they did to babies. She was in my arms up to 24, and I needed to do it as soon as I put them down, maybe I should have put them down, maybe I should have let them rest on their own, but my urges would help me. I listened to my lusts, even when I got a glance now.It turned out that my lusts help you, because babies need to be picked up, reassured, sometimes anxious. in the strict sense, you can't spoil a baby, even according to research being more close to us is vital to our health and development. "A study arrуl how important a body contact for the premature baby. And it doesn't only affect their first weeks if their mother is in the immediate vicinity. It predicts the significance of this for 20 years - for premature babies who have experienced infantile skin contact, adult intelligence, higher intelligence and higher salary. Babies who were able to relax on their mothers' skin, performed better in school, were less hyperactive and aggressive, less likely to fail. Infants who were able to rest on their mothers' bodies in the first days were more stable and lighter, less crying, and more likely to have breastfed babies. Many and many weeks after your baby has a positive effect on your baby's proximity. More depressed, eat more often, less anxious, quicker cure symptoms (raise the hand that would have done anything for the 6 week old rabbit to finish the fat!).

It also reduces the pain caused by vaccination

There is also research into how infant pain is influenced by the mother's proximity. According to the results, if you put your baby in your lap, pain is diminishingthat you feel between mandatory and optional vaccines.

It also helps the brain to break down

Body contact is the default during breastfeeding, but nutritional babies are more likely to make contact with their mothers if they are often in close proximity, and can be "skin-contacted" during nutrition. Dr. Raylene Phillips In his publication on breastfeeding, he explains that infants can also help the optimal development of the brain when their mother is in the immediate vicinity. "It can be found in the brain amygdala development is a critical period for the first two months after birth. The amygdala is located in the center of the brain, part of the limbic system, responsible for emotional learning and memory development and for the sympathetic nervous system. Skin contact activates the amygdala through the prefrontal-orbital pole, thereby mediating brain function. But the above are just enough precautions to make sure you can't spoil your baby by taking it to your feet. The probability of this is zero. The exact opposite is true. There is a lot of research into how negatively baby can be if they can't have their mother close by. We could tell anyone who has ever doubted that it would be a good idea to keep your child in your arms permanently. Fortunately, more and more mothers tend to listen to their instincts rather than to their classmates. And she doesn't need all the research results to know that the baby is designed right in her arms. But if you still have doubts, just keep looking, keep learning, and learning that you can give your baby the most by being with you.Read these also in Body Contact:
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