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The family has taken the thermometer to the town hall - The town hall

The family has taken the thermometer to the town hall - The town hall

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There is no bedding, no fever, or disinfectant in a hospital in Budapest. According to a mother, even the most basic hygiene conditions are missing from the hospital. The curb is cauldron.

Unholy state in the town hallThe Hvarrad of the ATV reported that a family of three broke up with two children at the St. Louis Court in Budapest for two weeks of domestic abuse. They have been in hospital since then. The mother came to the ATV because of hospital conditions: she had to bring bedding, linen, pillows, toilet paper, disinfectant to her home. the polyps do not disinfect the hands and feet, and do not put their shoes on before they enter the ward. After the child was released, she was home the next day, and then the other two children of the family. Thus, all the children were eventually taken to St. Louis Church. "Since then, have they been there for two weeks and no change?" the mother said to the ATV. The hospital chimes in: We suggest that only people with the same infection are put in a hospital. The hospital also complains that the hygiene conditions are inadequate and that they do not ask for the necessary equipment for care.
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