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Animal in the family

Animal in the family

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We help you ask how, at what age, what animal to choose, and when to keep an animal.

Animal in the family

The most important thing is to never buy a "sudden start"with, say, a good puppy dog. Think about how much time your family can spend on caring for your new life. This also determines what breed we can choose from. An important consideration is whether or not a family member is allergic to downy, feathered animals. If so, the request is overwhelming: the fins, fish, twins, or a bald guinea pig may just run out. Most kids have big dogs, usually dogs or kittens. In the early years of school, boys are primarily looking for bows, boats, geckos, but also small mammals, birds and the aquarium. Let's see what you can count on when you inject your waist.

Water magic

The simplest way to tile nature into your home is with an aquarium. Under a lucky star (and with the help of an experienced advisor), you can also equip the pool to develop a biological balance. So, no special equipment is needed, and you may not have to worry about cleaning the pool for months. If natural light strikes the aquarium, algae will proliferate easily, so you may need to change your water weekly.
The equipment of the aquarium initially requires a heavy investment, so it is not worth saving. First take a forty-liter pool. In the pet shop, we ask you to help you choose the right filter, water-heated, aeration - if you are not stocked with the worst fish (live carp), you will need them all. The aquarium must be "commissioned" a week before the water quality is satisfactory. Let's tell this kid in advance because he'll be disappointed if he doesn't know he has to wait. For fish selection, we ask for assistance from a pet retailer who suggests species that are easy to keep based on the size of the aquarium.
Even tiny babies are fond of the magical water world, and at the age of ovation they are meditated on care. We can only do all the work at the age of teenagers, so we have to start counting.

Shit, boy

If we have a small arid area in the aquarium, we can always call it a terrarium (which sounds very elegant and scientific). You can also install it with miracle sliders. Beginner pet stores most often choose jewelry. The family is not a centimeter, but it's good to know that adulthood can take a soup bowl to size. We need to set up a 100 to 150 liter terrarium. Smaller feeds should be fed daily, and beforehand every other day.
Kids can take part in cleaning the pool, but unfortunately this is only exciting at first, and they feel obligated to do so. When properly maintained, they can last up to 20-25 years. We can keep dry tortoiseshell, but this (with wintering and searching under the bed) is more of a sport for parents and adolescents with endless patience or great challenges. Keeping exotic flesh, beasts, insects is a lot more complicated, we recommend it only for the advanced!
Tip: Do not take home a sneaker, a snake, a goat, a salamander, a marsh tortoise on the transom! All domestic animals and two protected animals living in our country are only allowed to be caught without permission.


Birds can also be attractive to children. Keeping wavy parrots and different finches (zebra finches, rice finches, gulls) with the least care is required. Don't regret the money you get from the cages, this is going to be the whole bird space! These bird species are socially friendly and live in groups in their natural habitat. If we can't deal with them on a daily basis, buy them a couple (not necessarily the opposite sex). There are always fallen sand, seeds and cores around the cage - for whom cleanliness is of the utmost importance, do not choose birds!
Many people like to sing birds especially for singing, but for others it can be disturbing, we think so. Bird sounds are quickly accustomed to by children, and the regular "morning chatter" of finches is not awakened. The finches prefer to mate in cages of appropriate size, and generally raise fern, which is an interesting experience for children.

Apricot motosk

Today, many species can be found among small rodents. Most advantageous are the guinea pigs, the goldfish and the futures. Ghosts live a serious social life, including courting and reproduction. Note that tiny mammals do not survive much - few years are imposed on them. This is something you should tell your child before setting up a cage or glass pool. The guinea pig and the ham are prone to bite, not bad for good. Some are disturbed by the fact that the hatchlings make and crawl at night, and the guinea pig can indulge in a worldly bottomless hurry in the early morning - it is not for everyone to reap undivided success.

Champion of Freedom

Cats are independent, do not tolerate tail flicking, and can only be pampered if they want to. Wonderful, cuddly and lush animals, if they can, especially puppies, go anywhere and cause some damage.
Toddlers can usually punish boobs. For a lifetime experience, they may have a boar boom. They learn about the noticeable signs of feline pregnancy as they raise their puppies, and finally as the puppies leave the cat litter. Conversations can arise on the great questions of life. The cats should be taken to the vet regularly. Although they are not obliged to have a vaccine against rabies, they are recommended.
They survive for the majority of the age of 10-15, but out-of-the-box activities can prematurely be a sacrifice for dogs or for transit. Many children in this situation encounter fish first and foremost. Whatever the loser is, they are not comforted that "there was only one animal." There is no way to instantly destroy your beloved favorite with another small animal, so give the child time to mourn.

Dog - The New Family member

Getting a puppy into the family most of the time, it also brings about a serious lifestyle change: Frequent walks are needed to be clean quickly and not left alone for long periods of time. We need to be patient with it, because learning its rules of unity is a long, but necessary process.
Puppies should be chosen from spring litter. Longer, lighter nights are easier to travel. Feeding, watering is good if the adult is doing it. The dog also considers the family to be foolish: it is perfectly clear about the role, and the child is generally regarded as an equal partner. Hiking is therefore only trusted if it is strong enough to hold the dog. Before the age of twelve, this usually turns out to be premature. Children often find themselves dealing with other dogs in an emergency, they are scared, they may try to separate the animals they may have, and they may be injured. We can only expect bigger, experienced, experienced children to do the right thing.

Few dog ideas

Choosing a dog should be a consideration of our needs: there are few breeds that keep a home and can be safely left alone with a small child. If you are primarily looking for a family dog, you may also want to use a dog dog that helps people who are hurt because of their golden retriever and their patience.
A great-to-move but well-managed family dog ​​is the retriever or, more recently, a smaller beagle that is almost impossible to get out of the swing. The poodle is ideal in the home, the great advantage of not having hair fall.

One by one

Ixi, the poodle would have walked me through the university with me, if he could have spoken, I think he would pass anatomy smoothly. Then came Chibis, a gentleman admitted as a dog masquerade, who worshiped his master god. Csibi was the owner of Chibiş, we humans could only compete with the human being. Vizsi, after finding the puppy's own puppies, raised all the dogs in the house.
There were the tufted parrot parrots that he had killed years later, who had caught my patience, and a year later I had taken them sadly back to the breeders. Among the fish, the most memorable is Anci, the hairy housekeeper, who has spent everything in our aquarium to find his death with two clawed claws. And finally Seni, who has come to the doghouse for dinner for months, to recharge before winter.
What age do we recommend?HelyigйnyHow much does the installation cost?How much does the animal cost?How much does maintenance cost?IdхigйnyHow long can we leave it behind?Where can we keep it, where can we put it?
PiscesToddlers also love itThe size of the aquarium$ 20,000500 forints per piece$ 500 / hrDaily few minutes care + weekly / monthly / one hour aquarium cleaningEven for one week without feedingYou can inquire at aquarist specialist shops where they buy back the fish they buy there.
TeknхsцkУvodбskortуlIn the terrarium mare$ 20,0001500-3000 Ft500 Ft / hу + raw vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheese from the householdDaily care for a couple of minutes + one hour cleaning of the terrariumNo food for two days. If we trust somebody to feed, then even for a long timeThey take it back to pet stores.
Finches, parrotsEarly schoolThe cage on the mire$ 20,000 for a cage size$ 1,000-5,000500 HUF / hr + from the householdIf you live alone, half a day care and play, and if you are a couple, there are ten minutes a day. Weekly cattle cleaningIf you trust someone to feed and clean the cage every day,They take it back to pet stores. We also buy our boys.
KisrбgcsбlуkEarly schoolIn the cage, in the glass pool25,000 forint$ 100 - $ 10,000500 HUF / hr + from the householdDaily ten minutes care + one hour cerebral cleansingIf you trust someone with their daily nutrition, they can for a long timeThey take it back to pet stores. We also want to buy puppies.
Cat10-12 years cardBe free to go out. You need a basket and a cat in the apartment. If you live inside, you need a scraper tree to prevent the gum from being hit on the furniture.$ 10,000Up to 10000 Ft for free, purebred animals2000 HUF / hr + vaccination costsЦnбllу. Care for a quarter of a day.If we trust somebody to feed, then even for a long timeWe need to look for him
Dog8-10 years cardIf you live in an apartment, you can keep the entire area of ​​the apartment in a kennel of at least 10 m2, but be sure to be able to move around regularly and be$ 20,000Anyway for free.
Purebred dogs: from 30000 Ft
2000 Ft / ht depending on the size of the dog + cost of vaccinations15 minutes daily care + one hen walk + regular hair and clawsIf we trust someone to feed and are in the garden, they will stay for a few weeks.We need to look for him

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