Difficult night sleep poorly? (X)

Difficult night sleep poorly? (X)

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Difficult night sleep poorly? (X)

The JOHNSON'S® Baby Evening Anesthesia Routine and the JOHNSON'S® Baby Soothing Aroma Family can help, which results in a better sleep for babies and less fat for mothers.

If your baby's night's rest is relaxed, the days will be more fun and balanced for everyone in the family.
The newborns are reduced almost all day, and as the growth increases, the number of the orbits that are filled with them is increasing. Similarly, the rhythm of the night develops and once upon a time, the baby is expected to fall asleep at night. However, studies have shown that infants' sleep problems are one of the most common complaints that parents report to nurses and pediatricians. Consistency is very important in all areas of parenting. The daily routine, from waking up to bedtime, helps the child navigate the world, get to know the immediate environment, provide mental and physical safety and health. Nutrition, cleansing, leisure and sleep are important. From the point of view of the balanced development of the growing child, the parents' consistent, mutually supportive, supportive, non-contradictory actions, decisions and statements are very important. This is what gives the child an unquestionable, safe example and a path for his or her development.
Researchers at Johnson and Johnson have analyzed what are the exact, often natural, conditions that sometimes seem tiny, which can cause a lack of sleep at night. What is the "recipe" that best helps the baby sleep at night. As a result of the examination, JOHNSON'S® Baby has developed an evening routine that is clinically proven to help the baby sleep better. The effects of the 3-step routine were tested in a 3-week trial, the results of which spelled out themselves: babies fell asleep in less time, wake up less often, fatigue less, and fat.
3 steps to the evening routine:
1: Soothing Bath with JOHNSON'S® Baby Soothing *
2… Gentle Massage with JOHNSON'S® Baby Soothing Aromatherapy *
3. Quiet activity
* The Soothing Bath and Soothing Body Lotion contains a patented blend of NaturalCalm ™ Soothing Aromas.

First step: bath

Let's add to the bath water from JOHNSON'S® Baby's soothing bath and stir in the water to disperse the soothing aroma of the Natural Calm ™ * ingredients. Wash the baby gently with a soft wash glove or hand and rinse thoroughly.

Second Step: Massage

Touch is the physical expression of love, its fun effect can be felt. Baby Massage Steps Learned from trained baby massage instructors and repeat the most pleasurable movements from night to night.
Among the many fun effects of baby massage, it can emphasize the emotional relationship between the baby and the parent, help to understand the baby's signs, soothe the baby and help the baby. Even if you have not learned the proper movements, it is still worthwhile to pamper your child's skin with a slow, pleasant movement after a bath with JOHNSON'S® Baby soothing aroma polish. The soothing aroma of NaturalCalm ™ ingredients in the body polish, complementing the evening routine, helps you to sleep.

Third Step: Quiet Activity

The warmth of the bath and the relaxation of the massage, followed by a quiet, peaceful tone for a restful sleep. We make sure that the room temperature is right, the atmosphere is relaxed, the environment is comfortable, we avoid living games, the strong light. Reading, quiet singing can help your baby relax.

The members of the JOHNSON'S® Baby Soothing Family:

- relaxed aroma bath
- soothing aroma-shower gel
- soothing aroma-body polish
- soothing aroma oil
A soothing bath, a gentle massage and finally a relaxing silence. A clinically proven evening routine that can help your baby sleep better.
A drop of weakness from your baby care specialist. Visit for more information on the clinically proven evening anesthesia routine of JOHNSON'S® Baby.


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