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Brothers and sisters: So educate yourself!

Brothers and sisters: So educate yourself!

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Neither small nor large. This is sometimes bad, sometimes downright "cool!" To quote the words of my (one) middle man.

Serious urban legendary "middle-childhood syndrome" is not something that affects everyone involved. An example of a tall adolescent next to me that sucks is that this beauty is so cool. The big ones had a great deal with a lot of things he didn't even have to deal with anymore (like the parents' cup), prepared him for school, he really did, and he was good. And then your sister ... Well, it's interesting to see now what she was like and how different she was then (six years ago). You have to explain math to him. Biggest, well, it never wants to be, not the smallest. "That's so good!" he finishes. It mainly confirms to me how important optimism is in life. Obviously, he didn't quite think when his sister was born and pulled out of the slightest position. I remember his great and great sorrow, and I still see two "rivalries" in one another. Of course it is true that their rivalry never went so far as to spend a psychologist. For me, it is a proven fact that grace is well-tolerated. Sхt!
There are times when it is difficult
The first is the light of the family's eyes, smart, strong, big, proudly following its evolution. For a while, the little one, who hasn't been disinfected with his toys every week, and doesn't sneak around on his toes, but is incredibly sweet to love. Then the smallest one arrives and the image stays there without praise: neither the pride of the family nor the cute little one. It's like nothing. After a while, she realized and wanted to be something. Where he annoys the big one, where he puts the little one "accidentally" to find out what his position is. It depends on the temperament of the members of the family, whether it becomes a hell of a mess or just an "intense life" for a longer or shorter transition period. If your gender is different from the big one and the big one, it may be your ultimate grip and become a super boy or super girl. Another feature of the sex distribution is that you want to persistently regain the position of the youngest child, peeing again, silk, baby feeding, and lots of moms, dads goodbye. In this case, the patience of the parents helps the most, the punishment, the reprimand never works!
Special monk
Occasionally, the middleman shows up in something, learns things to prevent or at least overtake the big one. It is not uncommon to learn to read a book before going to school, even if you drop the letters secretly up or down the big one. He may remain so ambitious and deliver a serious performance throughout his life. It is also possible that you take almost too much care of the little one to help you gain recognition from your parents. This seems like a very nice thing, but from a frontier, it leaves no energy for the child to remain a child, to express a natural rage, to be frustrated, to play, to malice. If a child is profoundly "good" or "bad", it is worth considering the situation in the family, whether he or she is personally affectionate and capable of recognizing the child, not just the child. viszonyнtva.
What are you paying attention to?
A self-fulfilling proposition
If you're doing something stupid, don't pretend to be, oh my middles, I knew it would be! You will surely hear it and take advantage of it: the poor middleman can do anything.
You are super!
Emphasize how great it is that he is such a big and cool guy in this and that. Strengthen your "older" position, but not by asking (Could you be smarter!) But by highlighting the positive side of the situation (How good are you to eat honey bread!).
Х The one who is most sensitive to the analogy. Don't be small or big without a kid. He remembers this for a lifetime and represses it as soon as possible.
They grew up in the middle ground
I'm going to the wall for the sandwich kid syndrome! I've had any problem with my affected girl so far, everyone immediately waved and she said, yes, ALL middle-aged kids are like that. I'll do this on our own behalf. She was still not perfect at the birth of a single member. Then it didn't stay for the rest. So grandmothers, aunts, protectors, and generally the playmate's "smart" mum's "appreciation" is what I immediately take away from my shit.
I'm middle class. True, he's not a kid, but I remember how depressed he was. Of course, I only came to this when I was a teenager. Until then, I thought no one would love me. My big friend was my favorite in the big family, my sister at home.
I have achieved so much in the Grade that I was / am the most vocal, most willing of all three of us. My poor bodies, I regret to say, sometimes, sorry for them. I heard many times, "Don't be your sister because she is smaller, not your mother because you are stronger".
In order not to have time for this middle child syndrome, you need to give birth to a fourth one quickly!
I'm a middleman, too, and I'm sure there is something called middleader syndrome. My mom is too. Whenever there was something wrong with me, he always sighed, my God, middleman!
With the middle-aged kids around me, I always found the voice cool. There's something in it.
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