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You can also communicate with a locked up child

You can also communicate with a locked up child

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We know how important it is to have regular conversations with your child to build trust and confidence, because they will come to us with your concerns. But how to open a more closed child?

An American mom had a great idea for this. Michelle Woo at first, all she wanted was her six-year-old baby, Maggie performs some of the tasks of a developer booklet that she received from her grandmother. But he didn't want to force him. He pulled a cow out of a booklet, glued it to the wall of their kitchen counter, and simply waited for the baby to react. You can also open the child with messages Maggie had done the job that night, and Michelle had only succeeded on her own, not saying anything to the girl. The next day, he glued another sheet to the wall, then another, and the tasks were followed by ideas. They can communicate on this wall without being forced, make plans, get to know each other, share their lives. "There is no boundary, no pressure, Maggie then and she chooses what she wants," Michelle said. On the wall, nice messages and apologizing letters appeared, as did inviting queries, such as what Maggie wanted to play with her mom, what she wanted to learn in summer, or what her favorite drink was. "I look at the wall every day excitedly, and I think so is my girl," Michelle wrote.
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Here's a pic of our parenting editor? S? Noticing wall ,? a part of her house where she hangs up pages with questions, prompts, and exercises for her six-year-old daughter.? ? ? The noticing wall has become another way for my daughter and I to connect. I get excited to look at the wall every day, and I think she does, too. ?? ? Read the full story by tapping the link in our bio.

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Do you want a home like this? Choose a place that every family member can see on a regular basis, go to it several times a day, and easily reach the kids. According to Michelle, it is also important not to do too much about the messages: one of the secrets of efficiency is that it is not "obligatory" and does not have to come through. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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