(S) Twilight XXXIV

(S) Twilight XXXIV

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We used to call it "summer", today we should call it more rainy season. Jelige: I would swap a one-piece men's swimsuit for a two-piece hoodie. But at least the mushroom grows!

My friend's little girl - following their first two-way mushrooming - fed half the kindergarten with a button on the front yard. Your nuns are not crazy. Neither do the parents. Only the staff of Fuchus was licking. Panic, gastric lavage, hospital observation.
Well, I decided then, this will never happen to us!
We'll go mushrooming, but we'll learn the basics before that.


A well-directed elementary mushroom course managed to dispel all my doubts: I know nothing about mushrooms, but the situation is not hopeless. All knowledge (especially mine) can be further expanded. Therefore, I did not complete it from scratch, just a few examples: the fungus is not Bambi's toes, the fungus does not have to be scolded, the pigeon does not fly, and the ink button must not be cured. Equipped with basic knowledge, I thought it was time (and the right rainfall was coming) to get the Ladybird into the rainforest.


Ointment needs ticks, ointment needs dripping, ointment does NOT need ointment.
(UVB radiation scares cloudy puffy angels, we haven't seen the sun here for two weeks.)
"I told you, Sombor, if the lump is deeper than the rubber boots, the water will run in!"
- I'm sorry, Mom doesn't like scrubbing mud with her boots, but she's relentless.
- No, we are not picking a beetle now, we are looking for a button.
- Unfortunately, I don't know why we can't find these three-legged mushrooms after so much rain. Elbъjtak!
- Yes, the cheat is so unfortunate, we get it anyway. (Not the girl, the pinch.)
"You would, Csenge, if you didn't have to stop peeing on every oak tree, at least let it be the next beech!" Yeah, that's it! I'll always get the buttocks! Isn't it okay if it's not beech, but ash?
- Oh, sweetie, don't fight that stick!
"Yes, if you tear the branches of the bushes in the rain after that, a lot of water will flow out of the leaves.
- I'm thirsty too, if we put it on our spine, we'll stop drinking! Yes, yes, eat it!

Market Knowledge

Because it is essential for sow mushrooming. Just like to know where the nearest market is, where we find an inspected mushroom inspector. (Anyone who wants to avoid getting a little closer to Dr. Gabor Zacher. Although they are more into mushrooms than toxic alcoholics in toxicology, it is not worth trying out the market.) cultivated mushrooms, so you don't have to miss out on a nicely planned mushroom dinner after the laser forest.Ui: - Daddy, Fellow and some of his friends found some tiny mushrooms in the yard, and I wanted to taste them when I noticed them. Small harmless ink buttons, but don't put them in your mouth!
(Nini: no panic, no catastrophe, just a little environmental awareness.) Another piece of evidence is that we chose good school.
(Yeah! And for me, some of them are pedagogical!)