(S) twinstory XXXIII.Manуk tбnca

I hope I am not disappointed if I do not want to do "business thinking" about similar geniuses, I am just trying to get a taste of the story - Kernynyi Mudra - down.

I had two serious games with my parents in the past. When I wanted to start and then a couple of years later when I wanted to stop. (Excuse me, at that time I started a lot of things: soil gymnastics, fire department, biology, and at least I left them, I managed to get stuck for a while longer, and although I have always denied this in my handball ball, I wish I succeeded. (You can still be a great whitewaser if you learn to dance. As shown in the diagram below.) I have to admit, Absolute Cheney Music (Absolutely Nothing!) whether we are in the midst of a serious dancing career, but nowadays we have seen countless good examples of how inadequate diligence is, the little girl and Zoma seem to be overwhelmed with enthusiasm. Of course, curiosity worked very hard for me, and I wanted to see them with my own eyes as soon as they were stolen. So the idea has come to fruition: let's program ourselves into a schoolhouse!


Just like if you were in the club, we were the Kolompos ensemble that I know is literally a letter (yes, written in a letter). Orchestra on the stage in the "capital city", downstairs on the dance floor, in the middle of a crowd of children, Weak with me in the crowd, with Mother Zsombor raised in a corner. No matter, no, so much for Zsoma. They go through the steps in the doorway, right in line, titanium, eight to this, eight to that, there is some system in there, and the "dance" changes three times. Kissing two, row, toppant, curvy left, rotate, corner. Kissing two, waving, knocking. (Like a dad who knocked on the fists.) Technical break. Let's crawl through the intertwined limbs, then drag on. Weak is inconceivable, music, rhythm do not cause him headaches, he is forgetful. Because I spin my paw like a reel, just don't ruin it because I can't find the dick in my dance partner! By the way, I always understood that line when I was a kid: like a sting and a reel, and it annoyed me a lot because I had to admit I had no idea what a sting was. (Yes! Sometimes he blames the man for not doing something. Here's an example of a part-time mother getting a child who works full-time, she certainly doesn't care for her child, so she is not entitled to help !? In the meantime, Zsoma, too, gets a taste for the hustle and bustle. They giggle at them, because their mother fits in with the rest of the nipples illiterately. Woe, let's just steal it! This is what I recommend to everyone (I would not be obligated in the constitution, national core curriculum) to dance with your little tip when you can! For me, I was more touched, more heartwarming.