18 things only a baby can do

18 things only a baby can do

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Morning sickness, insomnia, getting bigger and bigger, tummy tucked lab tests - and it's all worth it.

18 things only a baby can doWhat adventures has the blessed state held for 9 months? We've collected the top 18 and worst things, and you'll understand if you're pregnant.

Only you can know what kind of alarm…

1. Being excited and excited at the same moment.
2. the morning sickness. Which takes a whole blessed day.
3. when the pretty virgins are replaced by the elephants.
4. Move around like a penguin.
5. You want to take the biggest pain out there. And you still want to wait.
6. sweat as you cool your home with cool, cool air.
7. Pee every 15 minutes. All night.
8. Hurry to get bad food in the fast food restaurant.
9. Thought to bring in a stranger because he dared to say that you are beautiful.
10. Shave your feet before you even see them. (Not to mention other body parts.)
11. the making to get everything right. EVERYTHING.
12. the first sweet little move inside.
13. if you are thoroughly stomach ache. Odabentrхl.
14. pee when you cough. Or holy. Or breath.
15. hate to hit commercials.
16. Sleep on the beach.
17. Put dirty dishes in the closet, and mayonnaise in the dishwasher.

And last but not least, you only know what your senses are:

18. The best thing in the world is to love someone you haven't even met.
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