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There are 5 types of lung disease

There are 5 types of lung disease

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A couple of wheezing, small runny nose, itchy eyes, a strange sensation in the throat - what do you do if you have the first signs of blanching? Just run to the nearby pharmacy for a prescription without a prescription?

There are 5 types of lung diseaseMaybe you take the medicines left over from last year and take them? Are you consciously up to date on the current pollen situation, so you know exactly what to expect?

1. Ignore it

For years she suffers, her symptoms occur at a particular stage, so she is pollen-allergic at high rates, but she simply ignores it. He doesn't want to hear about a medicine, steroid nasal spray, but rather misses the couple of weeks - or months - while the allergenic plant is in motion.What can you count on?
Dr. Monika Augusztinovicz ear-to-nose, allergologist, a doctor at the Allergy Center in Buda, said the worst thing we could do if we didn't treat the allergy in any way. Not only does this degrade quality of life - it can also cause daytime nasal congestion or nasal congestion - but untreated allergies can become more severe, and more allergies or even asthma can develop.

2. Diagnosis

Most of all, he draws on the disease from the Internet and from his own or perhaps the experience of acquaintances. He says that allergies are not serious, and that he does not pay much attention to them. If you have symptoms, you will get the necessary medication from your pharmacy.What can you count on?
Allergy treatment requires a clear understanding of the patient's symptoms and what they are allergic to. To do this, you should first have an allergy test - explains dr. Monika Augusztinovicz. There are no two patients with the same allergy, and personalized treatment involves the use of prescription medications, all without a prescription. For optimal treatment, medical control may be needed at appropriate intervals.

3. Nasal drip fungus

Х a specific type of allergic patient. It may not be the case that nasal congestion is abated not only during the pollen season but throughout the year, but it does not attach any particular importance to it. He is looking for a quick solution and may also be available in the form of a lung remover, which can be used in some cases. You use up more every month, for years, without knowing exactly what causes nasal congestion.What can you count on?
Without a recipe, sometimes using nasal sprays for quick help is recommended only once a week, in the recommended daily dose. However, applying it for months, years in particular, can also make the nasal mucosa more likely to cause olfactory loss or surgery for nasal congestion. In case of persistent nasal congestion, examination of the ear-nasal surgery is important because it can be caused by allergies - dust mites - nasal polyps or nasopharyngitis inside the home. If you have an allergy in the background, it is advisable to prescribe a long-term steroid nasal spray.

4. The conscious

Йvrхl-vvre consults with an allergologist. Before the allergenic plant blossoms, you will see your doctor to get the medication you need. If you do not feel effective enough, or if you have other symptoms of an allergy, you will see a doctor who will alter your therapy depending on your symptoms.What can you count on?
Thanks to careful attention and well-managed treatment, he is able to control the disease and is asymptomatic during the pollen season. Regular medical check-ups ensure that any unusual symptoms are detected and treated in a timely fashion.

5. Extension designer

She is averse to herbal medicine for years, does not want to use the symptom for more than a month in the same phase of the year, or does not feel effective. Prevents the onset of allergic asthma or severe asthma in severe asthma. Your child is allergic and has difficulty using symptomatic drugs at school.What can you count on?
Allergic immunotherapy is currently the only one capable of permanently eradicating allergic symptoms. For use in children, the active ingredient is absorbed from the pericardium by dripping into the tongue once daily or by placing the tablet under the tongue. During treatment, the patient's body gets used to the substance that previously caused his or her symptoms so that he or she does not develop any symptoms of allergies. Total treatment time is three years, but the first year is reported as a significant improvement for those who started.Related articles in this topic:
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