Mosquito control continues, now these areas are coming

Mosquito control continues, now these areas are coming

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Mosquito control continues this week, both in the countryside and in the capital.

Mosquito control continuesMosquito control continues, weekly a Szigetkцzben, Komбrom, Baja, Mohбcs tйrsйgйben, in nine districts of Budapestas well as Szolnok and the surrounding settlements, the Venice tуnбl йs Baranya County folytatуdik the szъnyogirtбs - tбjйkoztatta program vйgrehajtбsбйrt felelхs Orszбgos Katasztrуfavйdelmi Fхigazgatуsбg (OCF) szуvivхje hйtfхn MTI t.Mukics Dбniel kцzцlte to Йszak-Magyarorszбgon йs the Alfцldцn korбbban also mйg untreated telepьlйseken szьksйgessй vбlt the beavatkozбs. He reminded me that the protection against mosquitoes has been extremely intense in recent weeks. Experts have produced mosquitoes in areas of more than 700,000 hectares and almost 1,200 settlements. . He noted that the European Union is within the territory it is not possible to allow the application of adult mosquitoes in the air from 2020 onwards.However irбnyнtott the katasztrуfavйdelem posts by these people orszбgos szъnyoggyйrнtйsi sorбn program is currently in irtуszer fцldi 40 szбzalйkбt ъton juttatjбk for professionals - ismertette.Arrуl beszбmolt is that the individual will receive telepьlйsek йrtesнtйst the exact kivitelezйs idхpontjбrуl йs mуdjбrуl and OCF honlapjбn also follow kцvethetх when and where there will be mosquito control.
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