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The Duke of Pecs won the international prize

The Duke of Pecs won the international prize

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In the Medical Device category, we awarded the Hungarian Nose with the Red Dot Design Award.

Two dads from Pécs, Walter Streitmann and Zsolt Mátrabérci, did not start out with nasal solutions for children, so they developed Nosiboo. Together with the Co & Co Designcommunication team, they have developed a premium quality nose bar that meets child-friendly and health-related requirements. Their work has now been recognized by the international design profession, after their children and parents, as they have been rewarded with a Red Dot award.Walter and Zsolt, a company specializing in interior decoration and design. Dr. Dr. Erzsébet HĂĄrgygy is a specialist in head-to-toe nose as well as several CoandCo team successes in design. "I do my best to make sure my little boy gets the least amount of antibiotics or nasal sprays that are active in the drug.

While the doctor was the guarantor of the device's unmatched health, designers and technicians have always made sure that the results are both playful and ergonomic. The winner of the Medical Device category, Red Dot prize Nosiboo, will be thrilled by the lovable, macky shape and fun colors of the kids, and design fans will love it for its fresh and clean style.
"In addition to good design, the Red Dot jury praised the overall quality of the product, its innovation, and its functional function. This award is very important, as parents also believe in the health of their children."

What is Nosiboo?

The use of nasal swabs can prevent many diseases without drug treatment. Newborns cannot breathe in their mouths, so maintaining nasal passages is very important as they cannot breathe, sleep or eat with their noses clogged. Young children may not be able to properly swallow their noses in the event of a cold or illness, which causes the tendons in the facial area to become infected, causing a number of serious illnesses. Allergic symptoms of childhood can also be successfully alleviated by the combined use of nasal and physiological saline.
Nosiboo's heart rate can be optimally adjusted from infancy to infancy, and is limited to the highest health value allowed. The patented Colibri Skincare has a hygienically clean, BPA-free, elastic design that does not cause nasal irritation. Rhinoceros has so far been a struggle with different tools that have been made available on the market so far, but this can change the nosebleed of our children for the benefit of Nosiboo!