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Artificial intelligence can diagnose pediatric illnesses

Artificial intelligence can diagnose pediatric illnesses

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Chinese researchers have created software based on artificial intelligence that often diagnoses pediatric diseases better than doctors.

Artificial intelligence-based software explores the data and data relationships of a huge database and helps identify pediatric illnesses. In many cases, it results in better results than doctors.Artificial intelligence can diagnose pediatric illnesses It is not new to use artificial intelligence-based systems in diagnostics, especially in the field of crafted examinations. THE dr. Zhang software developed by a team of 70 medical researchers working under the leadership of the company, it is capable of processing laboratory results, hand-written findings, medical history and the preparation of diagnosed examinations, as well. The program uses a database of 1.3 million patients using more than 100 million findings and laboratory results -
The software is able to identify nasal inflammation and respiratory infections with 95% accuracy. In the case of less common diseases - e.g. Acute Asthma, Mononucleosis, Bacterial Meningitis and Pancreatic Pancreas - Has Outstanding Results, More Accurate Than Doctors Researchers claim that artificial intelligence can never kill 100% of the physician, only one, A guide car can only be driven under the supervision of a driver. A Chinese research group reported on the software in the journal Nature Medicine.
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