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This year they are also looking for the world's dearest pediatricians

This year they are also looking for the world's dearest pediatricians

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October 29 at the MTVA Library of the Year The Doctors of the Year - an open-minded exhibition of the most beautiful works of the Astellas Children's Drawing Appeal, held for the first time last year.

The exhibition was dr. Zsolt Szabu Lszszlу, Chief Executive Officer of MTVA, dr. Major Laszlo, marketing director at Astellas Pharma and Jana Janikovszky, chairman of the Mura Publishers, have just opened. It was said at the event that the opening of the exhibition also marks the start of the 2013 application period, so organizers are now re-drawing the children's drawings. Astellas Pharma let's talk about the nicest stories about women and their doctor and show them why they love them so much. The success of the Initiative launched last year was that we were able to look at more than 335 pediatricians through the work of 335 drawings.
Entries for this year's competition will be judged in January 2014 by a jury of seven members, composed of: János Janikovszky, Chief Executive Officer of the Móra Publications, Dr. Erika Bartos, editor-in-chief, and editor-in-chief. Péter Hauser pediatric specialist, dr. Szabolcs Badacsonyi, chairman of the editorial board of the Children's Court Review, dr. Ilona Rigler, head of the Heim Pöll Children's Hospital Center for Emergency Hygiene, and István Kalmár, known for illustrating numerous domestic children's books.
One of the new features of the 2013 MTVA media application is that last year's lower age limit has been changed, so you can submit nominees this year as early as 5 years old. Of course, drawings will be judged along with the jury, and the public will also play a role, with the prize being awarded to the most voted drawers in all age groups.