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Children's fantasy: what do we line up, what do we develop?

Children's fantasy: what do we line up, what do we develop?

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Will my child be smarter if I give him developer games? Is the tale obsolete? Do roles play a role in fantasy development? Let's get into the witchcraft kitchen of childhood fantasy!

Children's fantasy: what do we line up, what do we develop?

Children have two things most to do: lots of fun to play and lots of good stories to tell. And what makes a play good? First and foremost, if it can move the child's imagination, it will trigger the interior design. Playfully, it can be said that it creates a kind of inner cinema in the head of a child.

Let it play!

Surely all of us in our childhood happened to turn into a completely everyday object (a pebble, a tree or a dash) in a matter of moments, turned into some other wonderful thing, and a special kind of fantasy to play with. Sometimes, picking up and recreating a weekly item causes a special condition. Yes, this often puts parents in surprising situations. My little one, for example, was not fond of plasticine or pencil, but was more likely to pick up any kitchen utensils that he had repeatedly put together. Sхt! It has happened that he himself has made up his own invented kitchen appliance for 5-6 years. If he thinks he is a miracle, we do not think we are playing a game, we are stigmatizing an idea, God forbid it, then we can limit his imagination, and we will severely limit his freedom.


If you want to have a really useful and inspirational game for your child, try to find something that you can play in a variety of ways that will play a role or move your imagination. Toys consisting of building blocks, cubes, puzzles, color and assemblable elements can be varied in many ways and will be the most fun toys for your child. Girls love to play the role of a mother and can be used to help them play the role they play. Cooking, cleaning plastic toys can be included in the favorite toys category, but professional toys also keep the little ones in mind - like the p if you dont get in the wood mounting box on the toy shelf. And if Dad is the co-driver, it's not surprising to hear frequent humming from the nursery.

Givers and firefighters

According to Erikson, play is a childlike form of experience, which is modeled on situations and experimented with currency. From 2.5 years to 4-5 years, these play a major role, which is the decisive plaything of children in this age. In their roles, the educator takes on a role that is real or imagined (father, mother, police officer, genius). This is an area where the imagination of a pre-school child can get incredible space and opportunity. Some years later, "as if" games appear, the little one mixes the soup with his little stick or he feeds the baby. From the age of about 6, you can more and more separate the elements of the currency from the elements of imagination. At school, most of the boys show up in fighter-soldier games or in Indian teammates, says the expert. Many times, babies still do dolls, haircuts, and talent racing - these are roles too. Many still play school with a fictitious class during their teens. Their roles blend imagination and experience in the activities of a child. With the help of roles, the experiences and experiences of everyday life are displayed, which are repeated and rethought by the child, and process the sentiments. With these games, the child learns to abstract as he or she presents his or her thoughts and desires.


Another important area for the fulfillment of childhood fantasy is the tale. Listening to the story, the child fits into the world of the fairy tale, and may be a person of keenness and special ability, but does not confuse the truth with what is heard or read. The motifs and characters known from the story can also appear in his imagination and drawings, further developing his imagination and creativity. Of course, the form in which the tale arrives. The parent story, a short, self-read tale, is the most inspirational for the fantasy world of the little ones. Unfortunately, there are many products in the book market that are of very poor quality both in appearance and in text.

Digital natives

Nowadays, a toddler uses his or her computer, tablet, and smartphone with ease. Children born at the turn of the millennium have also received the digital nativity from sociology because there is a great deal of electric gadgetry present in life. Unlike television, they can be carried anywhere in the hand. Unfortunately, these tools still provide children with such an intense visual experience that the most traditional games enjoy the value of fun. And the technique is advancing at a tremendous speed, giving the kids a more complete gameplay experience that is becoming more and more addictive to these tools.

But how does this affect their imagination, their creativity?

Just as the child, like television, gets a product, a picture, and an edge, so his or her imagination can not be easily moved by the use of these devices. Tamás Vekerdy, a child psychologist, advises against seeing a child's father until school. In the course of a fire, only external artwork takes place, not internally. The lack of internal rendering does not stop the processing and tensioning. In the absence of this, the child develops aggressive tension. Even if you are watching a fairy tale. There are naturally exclusive interactive games that can be wisely considered (with parental control). However, it is important that these games do not look empty, time-consuming!


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