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Of course with breast milk

Of course with breast milk

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A few days after childbirth comes the moment when the family with the newborn departs from the ward.

Silent music

The arrival of a baby is a significant lifestyle change. Parenting requires both mental and physical care of the mother, and first parents are often unsure as to their suitability for parenting. It is strongly recommended that the mother and the father try to solve these problems with their mutual strength, getting acquainted with the little one, its signs and expressions.
Spiritual equilibrium, sufficient rest is essential for a successful and happy breastfeeding. At this time, let go, relax and enjoy some nice music, so the milk can cool more easily. Be the breastfeeding baby and the mom's intimate, peaceful coexistence. The larger part of the day is occupied by the small and its own. If possible, pay more attention and more time to your sister. Share their experiences and concerns, but not just about the child!

Regularly, plenty of fluid

Regularly important is the importance of breastfeeding for the mother. Provide plenty of fluids, at least 2-3 liters daily. From this, one liter of milk fills up important essential substances (such as calcium), as well as white, which is excreted from the body in breast milk. During lactation, approx. 550 kcal of power is required. It is advisable to cover the excess from animal white, fruit, and vitamin-rich diets. The mother soothes the plucked soup, the bird's egg, and does not help milk selection better than fruit juices. Try to avoid puffy and overly spicy foods, as these can also make the baby uncomfortable. Alcohol and cigarettes also carry toxic substances into the milk. Only take this medicine on the advice of a doctor.

How Much Does Your Baby Eat?

Have you eaten enough? Everything is born new, so don't worry about the length of your meal. Most of the newborns are happy in ten minutes but in 20-30. Only in exceptional cases should you breast-feed for a longer period. At the start of breast-feeding, the child is given a low-calorie apron, which helps to overcome the thirst. As breastfeeding continues, the milk changes, and calories and nutrient rich milk are selected to adequately cover the newborn's needs. Therefore, it is important to make the baby breastfeed only when one of her breasts is dry.
It often happens that the little ones breastfeed for a while, then stop, "fall" and then continue to breastfeed. This is not always caused by too many or mossy eaters. Whole milk from your mother's newborn stomach fills with milk and falls to feed the milk. This example is also proof of the perfect regulation of the newborn. Also, raise the baby during the breastfeeding period when you are breastfeeding. Newborns usually fall asleep after breastfeeding and, with the exception of a small abdomen, sleep soundly until the next feeding. Weight gain is measured only weekly, at three months of age. If your baby's weight gain is between 150-300 g / week and your body is good, then you can be sure that you are breastfeeding enough. If your baby is growing out of ideal range or is restless and does not tolerate 2.5-3 ounces of feeding, seek medical attention or advice.

Well, too

Breast milk can be stored in a refrigerator, cooked, sealed container or sterile breast milk collecting bag for up to 72 hours, or in a freezer for 4-6 months. It is recommended that you freeze the skimmed milk in portions that you use at the same time. Once the milk has been melted, it must not be frozen again. Defrosting should be at room temperature. We recommend the AVENT breast milk kit for safe frozen storage of breast milk. It contains 20 pieces of 240 ml sterilized bags, closures and markers, which should be noted at the beginning of the storage.

Night feeding

Because breastfeeding babies digest breast milk faster than artificially fed babies, they often want to breastfeed at night. This may also be due to the fact that the interaction with the maternal body, the warmth that gives security, the skin contact, and the presence of the maternal body are all signs of relaxation. It is unnecessary to give her tea. No need to wake up the whole family, she just needs a mom! By the end of the sixth week we had mostly left the night meal.