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"I will do my best not to cause you pain" Inspired by Ted about parenting

"I will do my best not to cause you pain" Inspired by Ted about parenting

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Sometimes it is good for everyone to get a little inspiration or an interesting new approach by putting two piles of kids' clothes from one corner of the living room to the little one.

"I'll do my best not to hurt you"Routine tasks and anxiety over whether doing everything right is distracting you from important things. Looking back over many years of tradition TED lectures But between us, there are cute ones who can say something new, enthusiastic, and beautiful even in the darker moments of being a small child. These are thoughts that we may be wondering about the world again and may be a little bit closer to the day to day issues and problems.

Jennifer Senior: Is your child's happiness the most important?

Jennifer Senior's award-winning Newborn was made known in the book by All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood. Born to Happiness in Children, TED talks about children's happiness in a very interesting and systematic way. After all, one of the most important parent mantras in today's society: I just want my child to be happy. But what is happiness? How to Get It Happily, it is easy to accept that happiness means something to everyone, ensuring the happiness of children is very abstract and therefore an unreasonable burden on parents to make it their primary goal. Happiness and self-confidence can be the result of other things, but they cannot be goals in themselves. that this oath is a much more realistic goal of achieving happiness, but of course all mothers know that it is not an easy goal either. "I think it's more useful to have our children we try to shape productive and moral people And we also hope that happiness can be found in them through their good deeds, their results, and through our love. "

Carl Honore: Slow praise

The popular language The Slowness Praise is internationally renowned for its title book. Slow movements are now gaining ground, and there are more and more followers. Yeah, but what led the successor to the new move that finally brought him success and recognition? Just like bedtime stories for a little boy. He simply felt that he couldn't slow down in the evening to tell him how his daily routine clicked in his head and his daily routine. It was too slow for him. She was even scared when she saw the book "One-Minute Fairy Tales" on the shelf of a bookstore. I need evening tales, but also that let us slow down to our children. Since then, your baby has just won the Best Evening Tales. There are plenty of interesting facts and important ideas about kid and family involved in this video for slow perception.

Steven Addi: Traditional Creatures

Stevan Addis is a popular and recognized photographer in the traditions of the rituals and the power of common photographers call your attention in a short TED presentation. On your birthday, your little one made a spontaneous photo shoot in New York. Later, I consciously shaped our lives so that the photographer was prepared over and over again in the same place every year. After photography, her cozy father-girl traveled and chatted. The girl has since moved on to prepare for college in New York, which has become so important to her from time to time. Steven calls his attention to the conscious retention of memories in his lark-tailed performance. Who knows what it can be?

Andrew Solomon: "Love anything!"

One of the most vigorous and most engaging TED performances of parenting is perhaps beyond the reach of such a small surface.
Andrew Solomon's Far From the Tree: Dozen Kinds of Love, a special parenting book for children, is published in 2014 by the British Wellcome Trust who raise children with special abilities or who are ill. Kцnyvйben mesйli a szьlхk tцrtйneteit me, who do not csupбn megtanultбk handle the rendkнvьli adottsбgokkal bнrу or kьzdх йpp certain nehйzsйgekkel their children, but all of this mйly йrtelmet also talбltak.A kцnyv kйszнtйse, then sajбt children share egйszen szьletйse utбn megйlt йrzйseit kьlцnleges hangvйtelы elхadбsban the "The love your child has for you differs from any sense in the world. And until you have children, you have no idea what" - , before searching for the names of the artists listed in this article. The article appeared in Maternity Magazine, which you can subscribe to online. Look for the latest issue from the New Yorkers! Related articles in parenting:
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