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Tablet developed for children's hands Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Tablet developed for children's hands Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

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So little kid has tried out Samsung's new playful tablet for kids. From school to school, everyone found it fun to play.

It is often argued that children are advised to count their number at the age of one, as well as the increasingly popular tablet (as is the case with fire, DVDs, cell phones and almost all gadgets). What is certain, however, is that the variations developed specifically for children not only engage but also develop them. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids has been tried out by kids between 3 and 9 years old, and its success is nowhere to be found.

Boys and girls also adore it

The tablet was first tested by Sunbeam (9) and Brand (7). Although they have their own tablets, they have been busy starting from the very first minute, and you can see exactly what's different between a traditional Android tablet and a machine specially designed for them.
The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is a colorful, cheerful look, unlike the "adult" tablet, so it was the first to win them. The addition of a hand-held plastic frame not only protects the machine in the event of a fall (which is why it occurs to every child a few times), but also makes the long-distance play easy. It was much easier to hold the tablet with the hands of children, and the thick, feathery pointing device included in the rest made it easy to press the touch screen. Which at the very least did not become paw print, chocolate patchy and sticky with the fruit juice.

The surface for the children is beautiful, pleasantly colored, first "come in". They both admired the fact that the graphic designers chose neither boyish nor gentle colors. There are big app icons that are good for smaller kids, too. An extra point is that virtually nothing on the tablet can be carried away by kush, lame hands!
Among the games, we only used the basics, we didn't download anything from the Play Store. Of course, the favorite of all was the Toca Train program, where you can drive a small train, pick up passengers, transport them and of course. Sunshine has really tried it out in hairdressing for the most part, stitching in more beautiful hairstyles. On the other hand, they used the Inventions, which used figures from the tale Pettson and Findus. We also tried out the auto assembly game, but it exceeded the capabilities of a one-week-old boy.
While managing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids was supposed to be a child's play, the smaller ones are more useful to the touch screen, and it is natural for them to drag and drop something on the screen itself.

Tab 3, tailored for children

The next tester was the five-year-old Mt. As a kid, the star put Minecraft on the phone of his very highly technophilic father, so it was a hand-car ride with these games. After going through its specification, we can conclude that the hardware is exactly the same as the smallest version of Tab3 for adults, and it is expected to be more expensive.
The resolution of the finishes is quite small today, but it would be perfectly enough to play on a boring car. However, due to its low memory and poor performance graphics processor, it does not provide the kind of performance you would have expected. The gadgets were 8GB, so if your child might want to bother with an external hard drive or a pen drive, you will have to enter your favorite 1-2 fairy tale. The machine also has other features that are common to other Android machines, such as the child lock or the application restriction.
In spite of all this, the little boy enjoyed the new toy, photographed it, videotaped it, played it and told it with the utmost naturalness.

Stunning figure

The smallest test subject was 3-year-old Бbel. He had not used his computer, tablet, or phone with just his parents to talk to his grandmother, so the machine was really new to him. The handle was very practical as it never dropped any other machine with a massive coating. The drawable pencil was used for most drawings - different sizes of virtual paintbrushes and colors were one of his favorites.
He also enjoyed the Toca Train program, after we showed him which button he was using to start, pick up and whistle, he quickly guided the assembly with fine movements. Another favorite for her was the hairdresser, though she did not put the emphasis on hairstyles, she was captivated by the graphics, expected the with the йlethы figures.
The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids keeps a lot of kids busy, and there's always something new to discover, and even a little kindergarten user can use it simply and safely, without ever worrying about, distracting, or messing around. The games stimulate creativity and thinking.
All in all, the tablet poses a serious dilemma for parents of children with machine exhaustion, because they would all be very shrewd if found under the tree.


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