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Hasfaby Baby-How Can You Help?

Hasfaby Baby-How Can You Help?

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Sloppy, insatiable sigh. He puts on his feet while his belly is tight and puffy. But what can you do to help him? Tips for Stomach Dolls.

Hasfaby Baby-How Can You Help?

The infant rabbit (stomach ache) often has a life-affirming, hard-to-recognize age status, which is mostly tiny By 3-5 months, it also disappears magically. Many times during meals, a lot of air is swallowed, which, when lost from the body, also removes the discomfort. occur at least three times. Characteristics of the rabbit are that it can fade for at least 3 weeks, and usually kills at the age of 3 months. it's hard for months.

1. Many times a little!

Did you know? The baby's stomach is about the size of a clenched fist. If you are breastfeeding it is worth trying to get better many times less suck at the little one. The mohun owl baby tends to swallow a lot of air, which can easily lead to tension in the stomach wall, which causes pain. Yeah, if you take the advice of Dr. William Sears pediatrician (father and father of 8 children, and the name of the parenting book), "Get twice as much, half as much!" bьfiztetйsreso that the swallowed air does not harm your baby!

2. You need it!

Many times a baby doll just wants to comfort, hand and ring it. THE body contactsuch as carrying, silent, and soothing speech can help a lot in pain management in this situation.

3. Exercise!

All of us kids were very stomachy and this method proved to be most effective. After countless sleepless nights, I began to apply it spontaneously and was shocked at how much of the swallowed air I was able to get rid of them. Finally, lift each foot to the abdomen and hold for at least 5-6 seconds. Let your knees rest on your shoulders, resting on your stomach! Even more effective is the gymnasticsif you combine it with pinching.

4. Massage!

THE massaging can also help a lot to get rid of the baby's money. It is important that you always massage in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and make a soft, warm cup for your little one to feel comfortable with! Tell your baby to help him / her you can tune in to the massage yourself! You can use baby oil for massage (make sure it's clean, high quality, no additives), but 100% pure rum chamomile and lavender oil are also great. just 1 drop of essential oil hasznбlj I always mix in 2 elхtte teбskanбlnyi bбzisolajba (eg. kуkusz, almond, jojoba) .Tцbbfйle masszнrozбsi technique lйtezik the legegyszerыbb the kцrkцrцs masszнrozбs what уramutatу jбrбsбval vйgezz megegyezх irбnyban baby kцldцke kцrьl.Szintйn kцnnyen elsajбtнthatу the "vнzimalom "massage. To do this, place your two palms on the baby's belly and make a slow movement with your hand from above the ribs to the feet. It's like imitating a watermill's move.

5. Warm your tummy!

As your abdominal muscles and intestines are relaxed, it's a good idea to try it. To do this, place a heated (non-hot) pelvis on the baby's belly! Warm camomile shaving is also effective. You can buy a baby-friendly hot water bottle that needs to be filled with warm water and placed on your baby's tummy. Use this only with parental supervision, and never leave a child alone with the bottle! bags filled with cherry kernels or kalewhich you can heat up if needed.

6. Challenge the baby carrier!

There are two great carrying positions that relieve the baby's stomach. One is yours. magic (or pup) posture: To do this, place it on your forearm so that your head leans against your crouch and your tummy rests on your hand while your hands and feet are relaxed. your baby is facing you and your head is resting between your arms and your chest. So, resting on your chest, carry it in a slow rhythmic motion, walk with him. You can sing or moan softly to him.

7. Do you know? The puppy is a dance

Yes, you read it! The name dr. It is the prize of Sears, who believes that this series of exercise mimics the movement the baby may have felt in her womb. The dance choreography is not complicated at all: back and forth, right and left, up and down. This latter can be done with the tip of the toe then the corner.

8. Keep a Diary!

If you are breastfeeding your baby, it is also worth paying attention to whether there is a correlation between the food you eat and the little stomach. Some babies find it difficult or not to tolerate spicy foods, puffy potions (beans, cabbage), tomatoes or citrus fruits, sour cream, milk or milk. which food can be sinful. By eliminating these, the rabbit can be resolved.

9. Give it a try: drugstore drops, suspensions, medicinal waters!

There are babies who will benefit from these rewards to eliminate the rabbit. Infant babies often turn out to be difficult babies who need a lot of patience and empathy to help. Try to stay calm and remind yourself often that once in a while the stomach era will be over.


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