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Do your children drink water (also)?

Do your children drink water (also)?

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This is the cheapest unharmed and consumable product available in Hungary in unlimited quantities. However, since it is foolish, colorless and out of the tap, it is not fashionable for children. Many schools do not even know what water is like.

I don't like water!

Many small children and schoolchildren use water only for bathing and washing, and if they are thirsty, they drink carbonated water, preferably boxed fruit juice. But their calorie content is high. International studies have shown that there is a correlation between childhood obesity and the consumption of sugary yeasts.
Of course, there is also domestic data. According to a 2005 and 2006 survey by the National Institute for Food Safety and Nutrition (OTTI), more than 40 percent of primary school students drink sour sugary soda several times a day. When we obligated school canteen operators in 2005 to serve healthier foods, the greatest opposition came from the introduction of fresh vegetables and healthy drinks - said Oli.

Cool in the classroom

In several countries, a program that tried to make water a favorite among schoolchildren by setting up a classroom automaton in the classroom was a success. Two months in Hungary, nearly 400 children could test their thirst with water instead of sugary juices. The name of the program was HAPPY (Hungarian Aqua Promotion Program for Young). This translates as "a program for the promotion of water consumption in Hungary for young people".
The idea was very good - the educators said. The water lived for the children from the very first minute, and the tank went cold in just two days, said Katalin Felkai, former teacher of the Orphanage Elementary School, formerly István Szхnyi. As not all classes took part in the program, Class 2B became an enviable subject very soon. It was a great success when they invited other sympathetic classes to bring themselves to the water to drink.
The teacher surveyed what kind of fluid students were packing at home and found that one third of them brought sugar to school. By the end of the two-month campaign, however, two-thirds of them had been drinking less sugar than before.

5415 liters of water

That's how much 397 kids drank in two months at six different schools in Budapest. 92 percent of students served themselves at least once a day in the classroom. The success of the campaign is also indicated by the fact that 85 percent of the schoolchildren and 98 percent of their parents want us to continue the campaign.
According to experts, children 's drinking habits can change rapidly during a school year. It was also important to talk to children about their fluid intake, as several surveys show that this age group does not drink enough fluid. This can cause headache, sneezing, and concentration problems.
At the beginning and at the end of the program, the children completed a water test. Over the course of two months, they were doing water on several classes and health days, so the second test was almost flawless, and the kids learned a lot of new things about this vital fluid. What was surprising to the teachers, however, was that every fifth student had a change in his family: so the good example stuck with other members of the family.
"This can have a very good effect on your body weight and reduce your risk of obesity," said dr. Йva Martos, Director General of the National Institute for Food Safety and Nutrition.

To lose weight with water?

Yes! If a student eats 6-8 decos a day, it consumes 300 calories of excess energy. The water has no caloric content, so if an overweight child gives up sugared water, the onset of weight loss will begin.
"Childhood deprivation is spreading naturally," added Martha Martha. Every year, 400,000 children in the European Union are considered to be overweight and 85,000 children are affected by stone. The consequences of obesity appear at an early age: they treat children with high blood pressure, diabetes, fat metabolism disorders and musculoskeletal problems.
In Hungary, between 7 and 14 years old, 19 percent is normal and 7 percent is stone. In the age group of 14 to 18 years, twice as many babies are overweight and obese as girls.

Cost a lot?

Tйvedйs! Believe the book water is much cheaper than the sugary, succinic acids that children buy in the buffet. It might be a good idea to have a classroom equipped with a freshwater tank because you can consume evenly the daily amount of liquid. You should drink one liter of fluid a day at the age of 5-8, 1.5 liters a day at the age of 9-12, but the body needs much more if you exercise or if you are warm.
The two-month-long water-lifting program did not cost parents anything, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. But the organizers calculated that if we continued to distribute the water, it would cost 20 forint per liter of water per liter of water.
It is incomprehensible, however, that parents who are very keen on watering are spending much less, up to HUF 200 per month, despite spending more on sugary, succulent senders.
After hearing the results of the program, the manager of a freshwater company shared his experiences with the campaign organizers. János Rajki said that we had launched this program in Germany as well, but there was support for the water from companies. Different companies pay for all or part of the sanitary water in the schools. By doing so, companies are benefiting in the long run because, ultimately, their prospective employees are looking to their health and working healthier is doing better and generating more profits. This healthy approach, long-term thinking would be worthwhile to introduce at home, and we would like to help, ”added Jani Rajki.


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