Again, the Láhnchnd is in honor of the youngest

Again, the Láhnchnd is in honor of the youngest

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On the 17th of November, the World Day of the Early Born, the 5th anniversary of the Llančnd will be held in honor of the youngest. In Hungary, every tenth, or 8,000 children, are born prematurely, which is now a morbid condition.

Once again, Láznach is honoring the youngest (photo: iStock)Generally speaking, society knows little about premature birth, its background, and its risks, which can make prevention a lot more difficult. This is to be changed by a PICi movie project inspired by the subject of this mother, which is primarily intended to fill the information gap in the parents of premature babies and the feeling that they are not alone. The project's last announced short film will debut this year on World Day. Pánnzes Borуka, the PICi filmmaker Preterm births are considered preterm births, but infants born less than 2,500 grams are also at risk. The lives of those born with such parameters are at serious risk in the first days. The development of long-term and lower quality of life from their physical condition to that of their birth can also be practiced in the PIC (Perinatal Intensive Care Center) class. About eight thousand children are born prematurely each year, with nearly one thousand critically low. According to experts, this can be considered as a disease. " every 10th child will see a prematurely born child. We would like to highlight this issue of concern to many people and the support of their newborns and their families on the international day-long tradition of the elderly. Dr. Csaba Nбdor neonatologist chief physician, one of the founders of My Place Association. One of the Moms Concerned (Borneka Pénnzes) and the Social Project Launched By My Place Association, launched PICi films 2 years ago babies are informed by their parents on nine different topics during and immediately after their stay on the PIC. It deals with topics that are relevant to all toddlers today, and are very important for the care and development of the infant. The project also aims , processing of their feelings and difficult situations. Movies can be accessed on their website, on community channels, and in some departmental departments. On Sunday, on and on My Place in the Community of My Place, all short films are available and can be viewed in any number of countries. The project is expected to continue, with more topics to be added, and subtitling for movies will also be available in English.
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