So let the little ones love the game of peeps

There is no small child who does not enjoy this kind of fictional play when he covers his eyes and asks his parents to look for him, even when parents are depicting where to play.

Useful and yummy games called "peeps"

The importance of this game is more and more psychological - among others the Swiss Jean Piaget also - he called attention to the fact that this helps children to make it easier for them to stay away from their mother they develop a sense of securitythat over time, the other always gets in the way. But Cambridge University experts, James Russell with the leadership, we have put this game at the forefront, saying that the real secret to the popularity of the game is that the kids they covered up with a mask and then asked them if the researchers could see them. Mostly they answered no and did likewise when they were covering their eyes with adults, and the question was whether they were perceived by the others to be they feel invisible After all, professionals were wondering whether in children this feeling was given by the fact that whoever did not see did not see, or that one who did not see the eyes did not see at all. To clarify this, the children were given glowing superficial eyeglasses that they were looking for, but they could not be seen and wondered if they did not think so. Of the 37 children, there were only seven who understood the concept, that is, they see but their eyes are not seen by anyone else, the professionals looked into the kids' eyes and then asked them to turn their gazes and to do the same, turning the kids into their eyes and then turning their gaze on them. From this examination, too, it was found that, according to the majority of children, others did not see them when they were not in their eyes. disappeared, or was not the same person who disappeared, and found that these situations were less well-liked by children, suggesting that even at a very young age we are aware of the concept of people and placesand, at this age, even if these things are constant and do not change, they are still safe. Also worth reading:
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