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Siofok Vrros Kourrbzz Ordering Department

Siofok Vrros Kourrbzz Ordering Department

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There is no room in the country with a window overlooking Lake Balaton, but in Siofok Hospital, which won the baby-friendly title this time, it is not good to give birth. (Let's look at September 2009 status.)

dr. Lieutenant Jbnos
Photograph: Melyvnz

- I think you have succeeded in creating homely conditions - points out dr. Lieutenant János is Head of Division. And indeed: the windows have tinted curtains that match the tile. A generous, bright room, clean and orderly, equipped with a buttocks, physiological ball and rib wall.
- We will not force the babies on the bed. I just insist that we do the necessary examinations every minute because we always need to know if the baby is ready for birth - says the head physician. Remember to take a shower before leaving. Of course, the father or boy whom the woman chooses can be with her at birth. They have a small room where you can put your mother in bed with your newborn baby after birth, where you can welcome your family and admire the little one.
- After birth, the baby is placed on the breast of the mother immediately, may be breastfeeding, but immediate skin contact is a great deal for the two of them in a lifelong relationship - says the senior doctor, who is forty years old.

Christened Bdab a few minutes ago
with a birth weight of 4350 grams.
Adrienn, the mother-in-law of the stars
He has rewarded you so far
Photograph: Melyvnz

In addition to the human conditions of childbirth, the practice of childbirth is even more important.
- Nothing can be more important than safety, but we do a cesarean section only on medical advice. It is already a question of the philosophy of law that it is a behavior of the offender to intervene unduly in the body. Of course, the cupcake is always ready and we get to it in one minute in a connecting corridor. Nor are we frightened by the stern births. If the birth is good, there is no need for surgery.
In the midst of childbirth, there is a method for treating epidural analgesia, which is given to women in about 25 percent of the cases, and in addition to injectable analgesia. The peppermint is done in spinach anesthesia. There are two important pieces of information: the subject of mid-term pre-natal births, barcases can almost certainly be counted, but in most cases, they may be avoided. Mothers and babies are placed in a public health room. In addition to the infant nurses, the nurse instructs them on breastfeeding. Although there is no PIC in the hospital (ie, premature intensive care), more than 1,500 grams are available for observation, and there are also two neonatologists working in the neighbourhood.Facts, figures
  • Yearly birth number: 615.
  • The proportion of cuttings is 22 percent.
  • A single and a two-bedroom nursery are waiting for the family.
  • You can choose a baby.
  • Della may have the mother in the living room.
  • The father should not be in the operating room for cesarean section.
  • Number of children's lounges: 6, each with a bathroom, a total of 15 beds.
  • 24 уrбs rooming-in van.
  • Courses for parenting are organized regularly.
  • There is no visitation time, you can meet your relatives in the corridor.


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