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So much for the suggestion about the baby changed

So much for the suggestion about the baby changed

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Not only are our parents not bored when it comes to baby care, but we need to review our own knowledge over the years. So much has changed and there is a constant suggestion for babies that we cannot rely on this routine.

So much for the suggestion about the baby changedBaby care is one of the topics that everyone in Hungary deserves, and unfortunately they are not afraid to say it if they did it. Many years ago, many people are skeptical about the recommendations, and everyone is familiar with the phrase "I gave the child half of my milk in my infancy, but it still didn't hurt". However, the fact is that we know a lot more about eating, baby, and even the fetus today than we did 20-30 years ago, and there are more areas of science that have never been found before. Knowledge is increasing, and research results often take the usual practice to a completely different direction. We didn't do that 20, but 6-10 years ago. We've taken the latest suggestions.


Years ago, the daily routine was part of the evening ritual, and it was recommended that you bathe the baby at the same time every day, under the same conditions. However, during the course of the day it turned out that the delicate skin of the baby is not good for daily bathing, and the delicate parts are cleaned several times a day. And a baby can't put herself together. Nowadays, it is not advisable to have a daily baby bath. (Just a little here, but it seems that some Hungarian hospitals follow the international practice and do not leave the baby after the baby has been born, but rather leave the baby. )

Manipulating the stump

Perhaps this is one of the areas where change is greatest, with a thorough, careful, day-to-day care of the stump for a decade: after the bath, the 70% dry it. To this end, the current suggestion is: There is nothing in the world to do with the stump, only dry and clean until you fall by yourself (eg in Germany, it is 15 years ago). can also cause.


This is another area that has changed a lot, and in our country 2011 was the year of choice for the antipyretic recommendation. There are still many who are frightened if a child has fever and masses for decades to become nervous. it is dangerous to always consider the child's other symptoms and age. The New Hungarian Professional Protocol 2011 caught up with Western European practice, saying that there is no need to relieve fever if the child's condition is just as good. They are much more concerned with the mood, color, and breathing of the child than with the hype: frequent children play cheerfully up to 39 degrees Celsius. In such cases, there is no szьksйg folyadйkpуtlбs lбzcsillapнtбsra.Rizikуsnak addition to the three younger hуnaposnбl csecsemхk meghaladу 38 degrees or or 3-6 hуnapos csecsemхk 39 degrees or meghaladу testhхmйrsйklete mondhatу, and you should seek medical advice йs lбzat csillapнtani.Lбzgцrcs not elхzhetх at lбzcsillapнtу adбsбval Neither is physical flame retardation recommended (cold, priznic).


This is a really shared topic! First of all, breast milk is best for babies, and it is best to get it exclusively for up to 6 months. Breastfeeding is not an option, so you don't have to lower your breastfeeding rate after 6 months, but you can breast-feed your baby. But what, according to international recommendations, do not be cautious about allergens, but in small and gradual but safe ways to give the baby some peanuts! Gluten-containing meals should be introduced between 4 and 12 months (say, this is a slight contradiction to exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, but it applies publicly to those who, for some reason, do not breastfeed for more than 4 days). let's start, but it is best to wait until 6 months old, in small portions, to introduce only one new food at a time, observe the baby's reaction, cook, sugar, neglect, prefer the home-cooked, pre-cooked, processed avoid baby tea, rice milk, primary roots (due to nitrate content) and never leave baby alone when eating.


Each and every one of them gave me a peppercorn baron, a peppercorn, a dozen years ago. This is not a good idea for me today. The flasher was designed to warn the baby if the baby's flashing was missed. Yeah, but for now, let's face it, unfortunately, fatalities can't be prevented by the structure, they give a false sense of security, they often give you alarms, and most parents don't know how to rebuild. That is why we are not recommending the purchase of a Reflector today.


Until 2011, home-birthing, at least as far as the baby-giving, nursing staff was concerned, was unregulated, as mothers could choose whether or not they wanted to be born in-house. About seven years ago, however, it was possible to regulate home birth by the end, and even though there have been many critics of regulation, one of the cornerstones is that it is not supported by social security. However, there are not only financial barriers to who can be born at home or not, for example, a first parent or cesarean mother over 40 years old cannot be born in an institution. But at least there is a rule.


There is no unanimous, international or Hungarian agreement on where the baby sleeps: in his own bed, in his own bed, but in a room with his parents or in a room with his parents.

Obviously today we do not recommend what we used to. Right now, parenting in addition to co-sleeping is good for the baby's brain and heart up to the age of 3. Another suggestion is that she should sleep in a room close to her mother, but indoors. We are not going to decide this question, but it is certain that those who wake up more than once during the night to breastfeed the baby will be much more comfortable and routine if they do not have to move to another room for this. Other benefits not to mention.

It's a good idea to read the recommendations over and over again, because it seems like you can't rely on the routine for 6-10 years.

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