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She ran out of milk at home and put her in her school meal

She ran out of milk at home and put her in her school meal

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Not everyone was crazy about the secret ingredients. The mother doesn't understand what's wrong with using breast milk so much.

She ran out of milk at home and put her in her school mealAn American mother baked a brownie for a school meal when she ran out of milk. She couldn't run to the store to buy milk, so she used her own milk to cook. And he shared the story with a group of American mothers, Sanctimommy. Quite a share of readers of the post were using the secret ingredients. According to the mother, nutrition is equally important for most schools. Some people think that it is almost like using urine to make lemonade; But many people responded humorously, and they didn't consider it particularly problematic to use breast milk.Also, breast milk, even if it was not brownie, others could and would not have it for themselves. For example, in the form of diarrhea: a few drops of breast milk containing antibodies and pain. Fast nipples are also an effective solution, even fighting space. (Via)
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